Taking Care of Your Parents AND Your Offspring

Just like the middle class, the MIDDLE generations are also, JUST as, if NOT more: STUCK!!!

This, is what this NEXT generation of children (me, along with older, and younger folks too???) are stuck with. We not only have to take care of our aging parents, we’d also have to look out for our own kids, and, there’s still NO guarantees, that they (our own young???) will look AFTER us, the way we’re looking after their grandparents, and so, this “middle generation” is still very S-C-R-E-W-E-D here.

Taking care of your parents AND your offspring, but, who would “weigh” more? I mean, in a hypothetical fire, if you’re only allowed to save one, who’ll it be? Taking care of your parents AND your offspring, this, is very straining, because the middle generations are now, STUCK between their ailing aging parents (do you even KNOW all the problems that surfaces during old age???), along with taking care of their own young, and I’m still not referring to changing diapers, handing those children their bottles when they cried either………




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