Having a Fulfilled Life After the Retirement

How to remain active, translated…

I’m currently seventy-six, I’d retired from a public position for over ten years now, I have enough money, with grandkids, surrounding my side, and, they ALL have their separate lives, everything is in order. And what’s more precious, is how we’re ALL very healthy too, I’m real glad.

I’d once served as a standing guard, gone through the rigorous military trainings, a soldier for a day, a soldier for life, I wanted nothing, I needed nothing, I live my life for others, comfortably, orderly, without much to worry about, and I’m having a leisure retirement.

The ancients said: that you’d have to think hard, before you do anything. The decades before my retirement, I’d already prepared my home for old age, spacious, with an elevator, a place to allow me to age naturally, to read, and to relax.

Then, I’d gotten involved with the blood donating volunteers, I’d served for about ten hours a month, to usher in the donors, to make them feel, that we’re blessed to have them there. And, I’d worked as the person responsible for the community, and patrol man too, and all of these tasks, they’re easy for me to do, and I’d feel that the days fly right by, that I can live, spontaneously, and free, and I’d become unconcerned, and unaware of old age coming.

My wonderful son and son-in-law would from time to time, set up schedules, to take my wife and I to travel abroad, one time, we’d camped out at the campsites in Yosemite, and we’d hid out in the cabins at night, as we watched the grizzlies come out to search for food, it was very impressive.

The sun is slowly setting, it can be very beautiful, and we can be very happy, hoping that we will be able to illuminate the paths of the younger generations, with the amount of light we have left in us.

And so, this, is one MORE example, to aging gracefully, the person, in order to NOT have too much spare time, he’d jam-packed his schedules, but NOT too much that he’d feel hurried, and that, is the RIGHT way to live out one’s retirement, and he doesn’t have to worry about money either.

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