A High-School Student Beaten His Neighbor to Death, Because the Dog Peed, Got Seven and a Half Years in Prison

Boy, are THEY getting more and MORE violent by the generation here??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eighteen-year-old last year high school student, Fu, is very well built, a star of the baseball team, because his neighbor, Hu’s dog came to the front of his house to urinate, and after he’d told Hu to clean up, and was ignored, he’d used a baseball bat, and clubbed Hu’s son to death, the Hsinchu District Courts gave him seven and a half years in prison for damages to death.

Fu is a current student of a certain private high school in Hsinchu, 5’6, 233 pounds, after he’d committed the murder, he’d been in police custody to date, the parents of the deceased had already moved away, and, two families, ended up, broken.

The verdict stated, that the victim’s Hu’s house is right next to Fu’s house, they were neighbors for over ten years’ time, Fu was displeased at how the Hu’s Chihuahua would defecate and urinate in front of their house, they’d already had a feud going.

Last year, on the evening of September 26, Hu’s dog urinated again in front of Fu’s house, it’d made the female head of the household angry, and she’d screamed out, “Come out and clean it up!”; the Hu’s remained indoors, and, Fu stood up for his mother’s sake, took out his aluminum bat, and broke the potted plants in front of Fu’s house.

Hu’s father was angered, came outside with a shovel, the two got into a huge argument, Fu used the baseball bat, beaten the father ‘til his head bled. Hu’s son saw his father getting beaten up, he’d gone up to stop Fu from beating his father, and he too, was beaten over the head and his skull fractured, after ten days in the hospitals, he’d still DIED.

Fu admitted to committing the crimes, said that it was self-defense, he said, that he saw the deceased pushed and shoved his mother, and because he wanted to protect his mom, that, was why he’d resorted to violence, Fu also claimed that Hu’s father took a shovel and beat him, but the police couldn’t find traces of Fu’s DNA on the shovel.

The judge believed, that Fu is young, and because the next door neighbor’s dog urinated and defecated, and his requests weren’t taken seriously, he’d used an aluminum bat and murdered the neighbors. But took into considerations, that he is still in school, that he’d had a sense of remorse, so the judge gave him seven years and six months jail sentences.

And this still just SHOWS how easily those teenage NUTS cracked, and because the families had been feuding for a long time, and this time, it was due to something so simple like a dog, peeing, and that drove this teen over the edge.


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