The Instructor Beat on the Student’s Head as If It Was a Percussion Instrument, the Student Went Deaf

Improper behaviors of an EDUCATOR, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A student, Wei, from a certain Chinese Instrument Class in a certain middle school in Taichung, he’d made a mistake playing the lute, and the instructor, Lin, hit the student’s head FOUR times with the sticks from a Chinese percussion instrument, it’d caused his right ear to go deaf, and the parents were too distraught about how their son’s right ear had turned deaf, they’d sued, and the Taichung District Court yesterday found Lin guilty of over disciplining, gave the instructor eight months.

The instructor, Lin, felt bad about the verdict, said that he would consult his attorney, then decide, whether or not to go for an appeal. The school said, that the instructor had left the school since the incident, and the student, Wei, he’d transferred too, and he is currently studying in a high school.

Lin the instructor said, that the reason why he’d hit the student’s head with a stick was to help the student focus in class; that he’d hit twelve students’ heads that day, he felt that it was improper of him, and so, he’d hit his own head in front of his students too, and he didn’t believe that that, was what caused Wei’s deaf condition.

He believed, that even though he’d made a mistake in hitting the students’ heads, that he was willing to pay a settlement, but, the parents and him couldn’t agree on the amount.

The District Court in Taichung at first, because there wasn’t enough evidence, the courts tossed it out, and Wei’s parents are displeased, after the D.A. in Taichung reviewed the case again, and based the decision to prosecute, based off of the hospital reports, that Wei’s deafness is caused by blunt object trauma, and they’d indicted Lin, the verdict came out for the first trial yesterday.

The verdict pointed out, that on the afternoon of October 12, 2010, when he was directing the band, because the first-year student, Wei, played at the wrong places, he’d used a 23 centimeter long stick, and banged on Wei’s head four times, after the doctor’s diagnosis of how his deafness is caused by being beaten.

Lin claimed, that Wei had had a cold from before, and he has nasal allergies, that the deafness is probably caused by viral infections, or arterial disorders. Wei said, that since he was beaten on the head, he couldn’t hear from his right ear, the judge got the hospital records, and that before being hit, Wei did NOT have any hearing issues, dizziness, or headaches either.

The judge pointed out, that the instructor had banged on the student’s head, causing the right ear to go deaf, that it would affect his future, but because the instructor had reached an agreement with the student’s parents, and so, the judge sentenced him to eight months in prison.

And so, that, would be disciplines, gone OVERBOARD, and maybe the instructor didn’t feel that he’d used such force, but, you NEVER know what SORT of damages hurting someone like that can cause.

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