The Entire Class Quit Soft Drinks Cold Turkey, and Used the Money Saved Up to Sponsor Children in West Africa

A little empathy here, a pinch of kindness, now we’re cooking!!!  From the Newspaper, translated…

The second year technical high school student, Lo, of Chuan-Jing Professional High School, since the start of the semester had sponsored a child from Sierra Leone in West Africa through a foundation, he’d even made flyers on his own, to persuade the rest of his class to do the same, and his classmates were moved by his heart, they’d started saving UP the money they would spend on drinks and snacks, and they’d managed to sponsor TWO more children, and the influences from this class spread throughout the whole school, and now, the school had sponsored a total of SEVEN children in third-world nations.

Lo had a piggy bank on his desk at school, and when his classmates passed by his desk, they’d start tossing coins in.  And, at the front of the class, by the blackboard, there are pamphlets on sponsoring children, and introductions to the country of Sierra Leone, made by Lo as well, it’d made the instructor participate as well.  The student, Chen said, “it’s become a habit now”, after he’d gotten his breakfast, or returned from the school shop, he would deposit his spare change.

Two years ago, Lo watched “Blood Diamond”, and had been introduced to World Vision Organization, and he’d started sponsoring one little boy from Sierra Leone for a thousand dollars a month, he believed, that from his class of fifty, each person only needed to put up an extra $20N.T.s, then, there would be one more child from poverty who would NO longer BE starving, and so, he’d gotten his class involved.

He’d placed piggy banks, flyers, worked hard, to find the courage, to persuade his fellow classmates, that in the eleven years of civil war that Sierra Leone had, there were 50,000 dead, two million people who were left without a home, that it’d become the nation with the lowest GDP, that there were FORTY percent of children who can’t go to school, forty-five percent of children who are malnourished, and seventy percent of the local population don’t even have clean drinking water, and that the pains and the sufferings of the locals, are so separated from how “happy” Taiwan is!

And just so, the second year classroom’s piggy bank had an extra $2,000N.T., and the entire class decided to sponsor two children, one boy, and one girl.  The student, Li said, now, she only drinks water, and NOT soft drinks, seeing the cards and notes sent to them by the kids, even though the kids are so young, they only knew how to draw, she was still very moved by them.

Of the sponsored children, the little girl, Christina, would sent her doodles from the distant regions of the world, and the social workers wrote on her behalf, “Christina and her family thanks Chuan-Jing Middle School class for helping out”.

“I want to do something meaningful!”, Lo had gone to the New Year’s Eve celebrations to pick up trash afterwards, to go out of way to volunteer, he loved photography, and wanted most, to show the world the living conditions in Sierra Leone.

And so, WHO says that ONE can’t make a difference???  This young man had, with his heart, and drive, and, he’d managed, to “infect” the rest of his class to get involved in helping out, that merely shows how contagious the cycle of kindness is, and we need MORE of that!!!







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