The Guinea Pigs in Education

Welcome, and, let’s OBSERVE, those L-A-B-R-A-T-S then, shall we???  And, please, do NOT tap on the glass windows, as it’d scare those on the inside…

The guinea pigs of education, this, is what we ALL have a chance of becoming, with a brand new set of state examinations (you know, those standardized things, like the T.A.A.S, the T.E.K.S., along with other kinds like the S.A.T.’s and the A.C.T.’s???), and, because the new policies are implemented, we certainly need a brand new group of kids, to “test” it out.

And so, there is this need, for the guinea pigs of education, and, there will always and forever BE a need, for brand new SETS of guinea pigs in education, after all, how can we possibly know, IF the procedures we’re using to teach actually worked?  And so, let’s offer a minutes of silent prayers, to ALL, who’d been sacrificed, by the new “system” here………








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