Two Children Who Accidentally Swallowed Rat Poisoning Died

An accident, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A kindergarten in Yunnan had a group poison case, and after the school and the government looked into the matter, they’d ruled out that it was from the lunches provided at the schools, the department of public safety in China investigated, that this was caused by a child, bringing a bag of snacks into the school, causing others to die of rat poisoning.

The New China Reports stated, that there were seventy-nine children who were present on March 19th, and out of the thirty-two kids who were suspected of food poisoning, only seven of them were found, to have ingested rat poisons, and, out of the seven, a four year old and a five year old had died.

And that, is still W-H-O-S-E faults again?  I mean, NONE of the parents had expected that on that day, as they were dropping their offspring off to school, they’re going to INGEST poison, and that, is just very unfortunate, isn’t it???


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