An Optimistic Psychologist’s View of the Society in the Future


In the past, the instructors would reward those goody-two-shoe students, and they’d labeled those who couldn’t handle the way that they were instructed, and, those who are so totally focused, sitting in those classrooms have a brand new “diagnosis” of “Stubbornness of Attention Syndrome”…

The Dumbest Generation Ever?

There is a man, Bauerlein, who wrote a book, with the title of “The Dumbest Generation”, and it challenged the American youth population of eighty-seven million………no, it’d also challenged those who are NOT among the youths too.  Why did he think like that?  When answering the inquiries of the reporters, he’d said, “Because they’d spent all their time on Social Networking websites, IM-ing, and writing text messages on their cell phones.”

Is it really so?  I’d gotten my newly bought smart phone and saw this message from a friend, and I’d googled the writer immediately, and I’d found information on him on Wikipedia, and found ALL of his works on

Mark Bauerlein, was originally an English literature professor in Emory University, born in 1959.  And this book, was originally published in soft cover in 2009, and it’d gotten three stars from the readers on Amazon.  Before this book got published, Bauerlein’s work are mostly written on his area of expertise in English literature. “The Manual for English Literary Terminology” (2008), “The Phobias Toward African Americans: the Race Riot in Atlanta in 1906” (2001), “Literary Criticism” (1997), etc., etc., etc.,

Born in 1959, what an awkward generation, and the reason why I said that, was because I can relate very well.  Only because I was born, a year later than he was, back in 1960, I grew up in an age where there was NO computers, and only black-and-white television sets.


Are the Constructions of the Future Societies Be Based Off of Social Network in the Future?

Jia-Jia Ma was the top scorer of the national examinations from Yunnan in 2008, the day she’d graduated from college back in 2012, she’d opened up a creative sex toy shop close to the school.  This, was the FIRST of its kind, using a positive way to look at the tabooed field.


Jia-Jia Ma believed that the complex of strong love toward one’s homeland is slowly dissipating, plus the openness in attitudes of love, it’d made the institution of marriage dissipate, “The traditional housing market for post-1990 meant: 1. The Focus on Capitals, and NO spare money for anything else; 2. The Rate of return plus the total lack of insurance for one’s assets; 3. The restriction of freedoms, unwillingness to stay put in one place; 4. No Longer Will to Be Bound by the Traditions of a Marriage.”
Her statements are all-too-optimistic, to the oncoming of the future, even this ten-speed changing time, not only did the older generations not fear the loss of morality, instead, they’d rationalized the accusations of morality, instead, people are embracing the ideals, with their arms, wide open.

And here are the “predictions”…

The Trainers in the Carnegie Institute Will Be Losing Their Jobs

Prediction one: in the future, before everybody enters into the workforce, they will go through the adaptability test of the real world.  This training will allow you to learn about interacting using simulations, to give oral presentations formally, and the way to act and react, to the various forums of learning.  This learning process would be like playing Wii, you MUST stare into the eyes of the characters, in order to score; if you can keep focusing in staring, then, you’d score like very getting golden coins from a game.  This will NO longer BE a fairytale, experimenters are already using this method to treat social anxiety disorder now.  And, as you can imagine, those who work for the Carnegie Training Forums, including Mr. Yo-Long Hai, will be, OUT of a job.

And, the article goes on in saying how everything we know today, like teachers, yapping inside of a classroom, writing on the board, for kids to copy down notes, along with books, will eventually become obsolete, because with the advances in technology, we won’t even need to leave the house for work anymore, we just have to FLIP on our webcams, dress ourselves in our business suits, and we can conduct a virtual business meeting, eliminating ALL face-to-face interactions, and that, is still NOT a good thing, IF you ask me, but hey: who asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!






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