A Man Abused His Friend’s Two-Year-Old Daughter and Made the Son from His Previous Marriage Take the Fall for Him

More bad news, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman from Hsinbei City, Hsieh, helped looked after her friend’s two-year-old daughter, the girl was suspected of getting abused to death by her ex-husband, Lee, but Lee had threatened Hsieh’s thirteen-year-old son to take the fall.  Five months later, the teen cried as he’d told his mother, “I’m afraid that you’d go to jail, and that my siblings will get separated” that, was why he’d taken the fall.

After Hsieh learned the truth, two days ago, she’d told Lee (age 35), “If you don’t turn yourself in, then, I will go to the police!”, forcing Lee to come clean to the police, he’d admitted to the abuse.  He claimed, “Even IF Hsieh was my own flesh-and-blood, I’d still have him take the fall for me!”, the police booked him based off of abuse to death, sent him to the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, and the D.A. was granted the right to take him into custody.

The police investigated, that the mother, Kuan, of the child (age 29), because her husband is serving time, she couldn’t take care of her children alone, last year in September, she’d asked her friend, Hsieh (age 36), to take care of her baby; Hsieh is a single mother, with four kids, when she’d sold yam regularly, the thirteen year old eldest son would help take care of the younger siblings.

Last year on a day in October, Hsieh called up his mother, told her, “Something’s wrong with my younger sister, she’s kinda weird, she didn’t make a sound.”  Hsieh rushed home, and rushed her daughter to the E.R., a month later, the child had subdural hematoma, and her brain swelled up and she’d died, and because there were bruises on the child’s arms, knees, and eyes, so, abuse was suspected.

As the police questioned, the adolescent, Hsieh took the falls, said that because the young girl was crying like hell, he’d smacked the back of her head, threw her onto the mattress.  Back then, Hsieh was sent to juvenile court, the judge thought that he should finish school, didn’t take him into custody.

A few days ago, Hsieh told a friend, “I may be jailed!”, the close friend inquired more, and that, was when he’d disclosed the truth, and after he’d returned home, he’d cried to his mother, “I didn’t do it, I don’t want to go to jail!”

Hsieh stated, that on the day that his baby sister died, Lee came to their house, his mother was away, his baby sister wouldn’t stop crying, he’d heard Lee yelled at her, “BE QUIET!”, later, he didn’t hear a single sound, at noontime, Lee was so stressed, told him to contact his mother.

Hsieh said, that afterwards, Lee threatened him, “If you don’t take the fall for me, your mother will get taken to jail, your half-siblings will be taken away.”

Two days ago, Lee went into the station, and came clean, that because the infant girl would cry a lot, he’d become annoyed, and would often smack the back of her head, and her body, or would carry her up to his chest, and threw her down onto the mattress, that he’d lost track of how many times he’d done it.  The police also called Hsieh and her son into questioning, and they’d confirmed that Lee had told Hsieh to take the fall for him.

But yesterday when Hsieh came in front of the press, she’d denied all the claims, and when Kuan was mentioned, she’d asked, “Who’s that?”, and facing her ex, Lee, she’d told the press, “I don’t know him”.

Kuan yesterday got all worked up said, that afterwards, she’d still considered how Hsieh had four other kids, that she didn’t blame her at all.  But later, as she’d discovered multiple wounds on her child, and Lee told her that that was from falling off of the yam carts,” she just kept lying, and I can’t forgive that!

Kuan said, that since the very start, she’d never believed, that the youth had done it, because he’s a good child, always listened to his mother’s words; if she’d known earlier, that Lee had been abusing her daughter, she would’ve “quit her job, and brought her back home no matter what!”

And, this, is still how hindsight worked.  And, this LOSER had utilized the son’s closeness with his mother, to trick him into taking the fall for the abuse and death of this little girl, and, the man showed NO sign of remorse whatsoever, and that, is NOT good examples parents should BE setting for their own children!!!

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