The Son Would Get Fussy at Bedtime, the Father Disciplined Him Three Times a Week, the Multiple Handicapped Son Died

Another tragedy, caused by the parents!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A eight-year-old boy, with multiple handicaps, was suspected of being beaten to death by his own father two nights ago for being too fussy, the next morning, he’d become limp, his body cold, after being rushed into the hospitals, he was dead, the police believed that the father had disciplined the son too severely, causing him to die, and booked him based off of involuntary manslaughter, the D.A. set the bail for ten thousand dollars.

The child’s father admitted to the police, that his son who has multiple disabilities, at eleven at night two nights ago just wouldn’t stop crying, and wouldn’t fall asleep, he was so angered that he’d grabbed his son, placed him on his laps, and started whipping the child’s inner thighs with a cloth hanger, and after he’d done, “disciplining” his son, he’d gone to bed, leaving his wife, to soothe the child over until five in the morning, back then, the child was still very alive and active.

At eleven o’clock the next day, the wife found the son, not moving, in his bed, his body was totally cold, and that there was vomit from the food he’d had two nights ago, she’d called her husband immediately, he’d rushed home, to perform CPR onto the child, then, rushed him to the hospital.

The Banciao Branch of the United Hospital E.R. doctor, Lin pointed out, that the father was frantic, screaming, “help save my son!” but by the time that the doctors got to the child, he was without ANY signs of life, and there were FIVE markings on his back and legs.  After the hospital did emergency resuscitation for fifty minutes, he was still pronounced dead.

The child’s mother claimed that the child had cerebral palsy, and could only lie on his back to sleep, that he couldn’t flip over on his own, that yesterday early morning, she’d gone up to check up on him multiple times, but didn’t find anything that’s weird, that her husband had used the cloth hangers to whip her son three times this recent weeks.

The social services stated, that the family is registered as a low income household, and two years ago, they’d applied for home schooling, and the Department of Education would send people to check up on the child’s progress once a week, and the recent visit was on March 10th, and the instructor didn’t report seeing anything out of place, that they’re going to look further into the matter.

Here, you have a kid with SPECIAL needs, and, he just got a BIT too fussy for whatever reasons (it didn’t specify in the papers, so I wouldn’t know what it is!!!), and so, the father lost HIS temper, and “disciplined” the child too hard, and KILLED the child, and, the bruises still didn’t show UP immediately after he was beaten up!!!


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