The Infant Girl Choked on Her Milk, While the Parents are Out Shopping for SIX Hours, and the Parents Blamed the Maternal Grandfather for Not Looking Out for Their Child

Irresponsible parenting behaviors here, you are the ones who decided to have your KID, and you PAWNED her off on her grandfather, because you NEEDED to go shopping, and now she’d choked, on milk, and you BLAMED the grandfather?  When it was originally Y-O-U-R jobs, NOT your parents’, to keep your kid safe and sound?  Wow, that says a WHOLE lot about you as parents, don’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple, the Yehs, two nights ago, gave their three months old infant daughter to her maternal grandfather, and told him, “When she’s hungry, she’ll get fussy, but just make some formula for her”, then, the parents went into the city to have fun for SIX whole hours, and after they’d returned home, they’d found their daughter’s body already cold, and by the time they took her to the hospitals, she was already dead.

The D.A. in reviewing the evidence of this case, grilled this pair of unfit parents, the three-months old choked on the formula, and, on Thursday, the D.A. will ask for an autopsy to be done to the child, and they’re NOT ruling out going after the parents for negligence.

The young girl’s father was only twenty-three years old, the mother, just seventeen, they’d registered for marriage just last November, and, in December, the child was born.  The man goes to work, the woman stays at home to look after her child, the parents of this child lived with the woman’s family, and there were cats in her house, and they worried that the cat hair might cause the child to become allergic, so, they started renting next to the woman’s home.

This pair of parents wanted to take the long weekend this past weekend to get some “fresh air”, before they’d left home, the baby was fed, “Look after my daughter, when she gets hungry and fussy, just make some milk for her to drink”, the two of them left the infant with the girl’s father, then, ran off, when they’d come back home, it was already passed ten in the evening, and they realized that the baby was on her back, foaming at the mouth, and body is already gone, had been dead for hours already.

The child’s mother blamed her own father, for NOT looking after her child well enough, and they’d gotten into an argument right then, the child’s father called it in, and took the baby into emergency rescue, but, it was already too late.

The grandfather said with regrets, that two nights ago at around eight in the evening, he DID check up on her, and saw that she’s fast asleep and not crying, fifteen minutes later, he’d checked up on her, she still didn’t move, later, he’d gotten a call from the Laundromat, he went to pick up the cell phone he’d dropped there, and, before he rode out into the night, he checked on the child, she wasn’t crying, and so, he did not look closely enough, and he didn’t find anything that’s out of place with her.

The D.A. and the coroners checked out the baby, and, learned that the adults had been away from the child for OVER six hours, and they’d grilled the parents for putting their own happiness before the wellbeing of their child; the D.A. asked the child’s father, “Do you know HOW many hours you need to feed a baby?”, the child’s father couldn’t answer.

And IF you don’t even know H-O-W many minutes intervals you MUST feed your kid, then, how can you be a parent?  I mean, I get that parenting IS learned, that NOBODY is a natural in parenting (wow, wait, I am!!!), and so, now, ANOTHER infant’s life is S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E-D, because the parents are way too YOUNG, AND way too IRRESPONSIBLE, are you FUCKING kidding me???  When will this EVER end!!!


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