Reading as a Cure for Insomnia

On aging, and dealing with empty nest, say???  Translated…

My wife’s youngest sister, after she retired, she was NO longer under the stresses from work, she should be sleeping in until she wakes, but, she’d still wake up at three or four in the morn, and tossed and turned, but she’d worried that she might wake her husband, and so, she’d go out for a run.

But the skies are still dark, and, it’s unsettling for a woman to head out this early in the morn alone, so, my wife consoled her, that if she wanted to exercise, she should at least wait until five or six.  But, it must be difficult for her, staying wide awake, staring at the ceilings, and so, she’d still headed out early.  One early morning before the New Year’s last year, it was drizzling, she’d rode her motorcycle out to the college campus ten minutes away, but because it was dimly-lit, and the roads got too slippery, she’d slipped and broken her arm, and, for about six months, she was unable to use her right arm as she dressed herself, or to eat, not only did she have a good year, she was also strained in her body and her mind.

My wife consoled her again, to NOT go out that early, that if she wants to go for her run, at least, have someone accompany her.  But, she’d waken up this early, and she couldn’t impose her early-to-rise schedule onto her husband.

I, who is also awake super early, after I’d learned, I’d often waken up at three or four in the morn, and just couldn’t sleep, but I had a way to deal.  I’d shared with my sister-in-law, “Our kids are all grown, and left the house, and we can make their rooms, into our second bedrooms, if we couldn’t sleep, or worried that we might wake our partners, we can go to our second bedrooms, to turn on the lights to read a bit, and, we can fall asleep quicker then.”

After my two daughters had married, I’d turned my eldest daughter’s room into a “second bedroom”, my wife turned my youngest daughter’s bedroom into a “nap room”.  I’d put a TON of books on the nightstands of my “second bedroom”, with literary works for leisure reading, with long novels, or books of theories too.  Before bedtime, I’d thumbed through the easier to digest literary stuff, and, if I wake in the middle of the nights, I’d use those LONG and BORING books, to put me back to sleep, within an hour’s time, I’d fall fast asleep again.

The retired elderly are often found to be insomniacs, but, because the retired folks have extra rooms in the house because their children are NO longer living with them, they can make use of those extra rooms, turn them into reading suites, to get the love of reading back again!

And so, this article not only offered advices on how to deal with insomnia, it’d also give the reader an option, to make USE of those extra rooms, after the kids moved out too.

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