Side-Tracked by Life

Life can sometimes (fine, I LIED, it’s ALWAYS, okay!!!) be a total distractions, and, unless you can focus completely, you’d get side-tracked by it, and, you’d have derailed from your normal routines or whatever, and never manage to get BACK on track again.

Side-tracked by life, there are too many distractions, too many incidences in my life that had occupied my freakin’ mind, to keep me thinking straight, and so, I’d become totally, completely, and utterly, unfocused, and I can’t find that much-needed concentration now, it’s completely gone here.

Side-tracked by life, there’s NO other way ‘round it, but to go with the “flow” here, after all you don’t have control over how twistin’ and windin’ that path called life will take, do you?  Nope, and all you can do, is to think quick on your feet, to improvise, so when those curve balls that life throw at you come, you won’t get caught off guard!!!





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