The “Spare” Claimed, “We’d Only Had Sex on Foreign Soils”, and the Cheat & His Spare Got Only a Slap on the Wrist

Because you’re on FOREIGN SOIL when “it” happened, that, is why the cheat and his WHORE got merely a SLAP on their wrists, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A married man, Liao fell into infatuation with a married woman, Lee, and they’d tattooed each other’s names on their buttocks to show the love, later, they’d broken up and went to court, Liao’s wife helped prepared the law suit, and accidentally found the sex tapes by accident, and she’d SUED Lee for breaking up her marriage.  The judge gave Lee four months in jail based off of obstruction of family, which she could pay a fee, and that she was also mandated to pay a thirty thousand dollar fine too.

The courts found, that back in 2004, Liao had rented a parking space out to Lee and they’d started having an affair, Lee later divorced and moved in with Liao, at the end of 2009, they’d gotten into a fight that broke them up, and went to court, accusing each other.

Liao accused Lee for taking his stamp and the deeds to his house, and changed the registration of the name to his property to her.  The judge found, that Liao was there with Lee as they’d gone to the local land offices to make the transfers, that Liao had given the property to her willingly, so, Liao had lost the case.

Liao’s wife, during the suits had dug into some dirt and accidentally found the sex tapes that her husband and Lee had made; Liao admitted to his wife for having an affair, and gained her forgiveness, Liao’s wife, however, decided, to sue Lee for obstruction of her family, and asked for a million dollars in payment for her losses.

Lee said, Liao claimed that his marriage with his wife from abroad was on the rocks, and that he had the intentions of getting a divorce, and wrote a contract of forever, and promised to marry her, to get her to divorce her own husband; and said that he was willing to pay the alimony that her husband asked for for the amount of five million dollars.  On her birthday in 2005, they’d tattooed each other’s name on their separate buttocks, to show the love, the very next year, she’d divorced and moved in with Liao, and, Liao had transferred the deeds to two of his properties to her name, but, he didn’t pay the alimony that she’d owed her husband FOR her, nor did he get divorced.  Later, she’d suspected, that Liao was seeing another nurse on the side, and that, was when they broke up.

She said, that she was misled into believing that Liao would divorce his own wife, but, they’d had had sex on foreign soil, and she was found guilty, of obstruction for family and had gotten three years, that she should not get punished.

The judge believed, that when Lee was staying with Liao, how would they not have had sex where they lived, and Lee didn’t take back her words about having sex overseas; that Lee’s words had not been consistent, that it didn’t match up.

And so, because the “spared” claimed that “we’d only had sex abroad”, and there’s a LIGHTER punishment based off of the legislatures overseas, she’d gotten JUST a slap on her wrists, and, what of this L-O-S-E-R?  He still got away with cheating on HIS wife, and that, is just how the laws still FAVORED the men in cases of infidelity, and so, we women MUST suffer the consequences, is that even F-A-I-R???  I wouldn’t think so!!!

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