The Father of Her Child Was Her Mother’s Boyfriend

The father of her child was her mother’s boyfriend, the DNA results showed that!!!  Back when she was a kid, when she’d told her mama of what he was doing TO her while she’s away, working the night shifts, of how he’d tiptoed into her bedroom, and, start, to fondle her not-yet-grown tits, and, as she grew older, the situation exacerbated, he would come in, when her mama was busying about in the house, and, he would drop HIS pants, and ask for a fellatio, and threatened that if she didn’t, he’ll tell mama, and he would be the one she believes.

And, it got worse and worse, and worse, he would come on to her, as she’d gotten older, and, in the end, she couldn’t take it anymore, she hadn’t had her period for over two months now, and, she thought that it was the stresses, the pressures of life that kept it (her period) away, as the teacher’s told her about that in health class, three months passed, no sign of blood, and, it wasn’t well into her first trimester, did she start to show, and, people started questioning what had happened, and, she could NO longer hold this secret that’s getting larger, larger AND larger, inside of her, and so, she expelled “it”, the secrets she’d kept, for so long, since she was a very young child, when he started, “doing” her.


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