Her Silence Spoke Louder than Her Words Ever Had

Her silence spoke louder than her words ever had, as a child, her voice got muffled, the words, that she couldn’t speak, she now hears them, ringing, loudly, in her head, each and every single night, she just couldn’t handle it anymore!!!

Her silence spoke louder than her words ever had, now, she’s D-E-A-D, and, she’s making a “statement” with her death, hoping, that someone, anyone, would start to take notice, of how she’d died.  Her silence spoke louder than her words ever had, and, this, is the way, she’d lived, and she’d kept her silence, kept her lips sealed, and, because she couldn’t speak, NOT a single word of her suffering was heard, until she’d stopped showing UP at school, and, it wasn’t until OVER a month later, did the teachers at school start to suspect that something wasn’t right at home, but by then, it was, too late, she’d already been brutally killed by her abusive parents………

And now, as she rest in peace (yeah right!!!), her silence grows louder Y-E-T, and now, finally, someone NOTICES, but, it’s already too little, too late, to save that little girl, whose cries went unheard of, she never made it OUT of her own childhood alive, and, ALL those dreams she’d had for her older self, she will NEVER be able to live now, it’s, truly, very S-A-D………


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Filed under Abandonment of Children, Abuse, Awareness, Bad Parenting Behaviors, Childhood, Children Murdered, Children that Didn't Have to Die, Communications, Coping Mechanisms, Death by Negligence, Deaths Caused by Love, Despair, Domestic Violence, Early Exposures, Growing Up Too Fast, Improper Behaviors of an Adult, Innocence Lost, Issues of the Society, Lives Lost, Loss, Moral Responsibilities, Negligence, Negligence Homicide, Nowhere Is Safe, Observations, Psycho Parents, Re-Experiencing the Trauma, Social Awareness, Social Issues, Vicious Cycle, Wrongful Deaths

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