Overlooked His Being Bullied for a Year, a Handicapped Student Was Walked on a Leash Like a Dog

You have to wonder, Where are the ADULTS who were supposed to keep the school campuses safe for children to learn in???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A handicapped student in Taidong had been long-term, physically bullied by three of his classmates, last Friday, they’d put a dog leash around his neck, and walked him like a dog, the members of this student’s family went to the school to ask for some justice, asked the students who’d abused their son to be transferred in three days, or, they’ll take the school to court; the disciplinary official stated, that the officials will use the fitting punishments, but they could NOT force the students to transfer.

The victimized student went to the school with his father, grandfather, and aunt, along with other family members to the school, the family pointed out, the child had been bullied long-term by three members of his class, and that there are two girls in the same class that were bullied, just like him, one of them was pulled into the bathrooms and slapped across the face multiple times, and one of the victims of this bullying couldn’t take it anymore, she’d transferred; the parents had gone to the schools to ask something to be done, but nothing was done, and so, the parents came to ask for help for the children’s behalf.

The student from the class said, that last Friday on boy scout lessons, the three students tied the ropes around the neck of the victim student, but the rope wasn’t big enough so it’d stuck around the head, the three bullies joked on how they will walk the victim like a dog, the victim was angered, pulled off the rope, and voiced his anger, “STOP it, don’t treat me like this!”

The school found the three bullies, the three students admitted to putting the rope around the top of the victim’s head, then, made fun of him, some said, “We can walk him like a dog”, normally, they’d bumped into others, pulled on the others’ shirt, or to jump up from behind and scare people.

The family of the victim suspected that the bullying had started in the second semester of seventh grade, and yet, the school kept stalling in handling it, until the second semester of the eighth grade year, and they’d still NOT dealt with it, from before, it may have been a joke, a prank, but last week, the “walking the dog” had gone way too far, they feared, that if this continued, their child will suffer.

The disciplinary official in the school said that the homeroom teacher had never told the school, until last Friday at counseling session, that, was when they’d first heard about this, and that, was when the school HAD intervened, and, this physically handicapped student is the only confirmed victim, there are surveillance cameras in the bathrooms, that there would be a very slim chance that it’d occurred there; and that there were female students who transferred out, and, whether or not, they still have to check into it.

The disciplinary official said, that these three bullies knew what they’d done and are scared, that they’re faced with getting written up, along with community service, the school wanted them to stay in the original class, to help the victim of their bullying, to give them a chance to make things right; and that they will find a way, to reprimand the instructor for overlooking the bullying.

Yeah, and this, is generally what happens in bullying at school, there’s NOT much that’s going to be done, and, until and unless the parents threatened to S-U-E the school, the school officials will keep on believing, that bullies, WILL be bullies, just like boys would be boys.  And this boy’s being bullied, was overlooked for a WHOLE year too, and, what do you think, can be done now, to REPAIR the damages?  Absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G, it’s already too late, damage had already been done, and, the victim can only keep going, as there IS, nothing, to be D-O-N-E!!!


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