A High School Student Was Taken into Custody, and Shouted to the Police, “I May Not Know the Law, but I Don’t Think it’s Fair”, the Father Worried, that He Still Has Six More Months Until His Graduation, that Sending Him into Police Custody Will Ruin His Life

Yeah, they ARE getting WORSE and WORSE, this DEFYING authority thing, aren’t they???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high schooler named Cho was arrested for making threats to burn down a publishing company on Facebook, the father yesterday stated, that you MUST admit to what you’d done wrong, but the father felt that it was unfair, for him to be arrested because he’d made a threat; he didn’t know the law, and is without the money to hire an attorney, and that there’s JUST half a semester until his son graduates high school, he worries that his son’s life is ruined from here on out.

The professor from the Police University, Yeh stated, that the courts took a preventative measure in taking the youth into custody, but if Cho admitted to wrongdoing, then, “If he’d taken up responsibilities for his claims, then, the punishments would have served its purpose”; plus, the man who rammed head on into the president’s car didn’t get arrested, “I really think, that the judge needed some empathy, to NOT let the law ruin a child’s life.”

Cho, the high school student, because he’d sent in his manuscripts nineteen times, and the publishers returned the pages, he’d posted the angers of rejections, saying that he will burn down the publishing company on Facebook, and the courts decided to place him into protective custody, this, had raised questions in the society Cho’s father is all too worried for his son’s future too.
Cho’s father said, that he and his wife had divorced for over ten years, he raised his three kids singlehandedly, and kept worrying that they might succumb to bad influences; that his son is very studious, and scored top three in his classes all the way, he saw how hard-working his son was in school, and rarely hangs out with a bad crowd, he felt that he was more than blessed.

He said, that he didn’t think that his son would go and make a threat on the online chat rooms because his scripts were rejected, that he used his own account, didn’t use anybody else’s to make the claims, “Without any actions, they took him, I don’t understand the laws, but this is too unfair.”

He said, the courts knew well, that his son is a student, and didn’t know how long his son will stay in jail for, how will his son readpat to school after his release?  He didn’t have any money or power, he couldn’t hire a lawyer for his child, he worried about his son’s future.

Cho’s father said, that his son was taken into protective custody, that he will take every time he could, to visit his son, “I will try to console him, to admit to bad things he’d done if he’d done them, it’s just six months until his graduation, I hope that the school will help him out, help him graduate high school first.”

The family of four lived in the basement of an apartment complex in Taoyuan, there’s only limited space, walking down the stairs, you’d entered into the living room/dining area, while the back of the compound had been separated into bedrooms.

Cho’s father said, that the property belonged to his father, that he’d shared a room with his older brother, then, he’d separated his own piece of that property into two rooms, one for his son, the other, for his daughter, that he’d had a hard time, raising his children up, as a single parent.  Cho’s older brother said, that his nephew is a well-behaved children, that on the weekends, he would go and work at the restaurants, to help out the household expenses.

Cho’s school stated, that Cho is very active in his class, and would help clean up the school and was commended, and loved writing sci-if novels online, that after Cho is released from jail, then, they’re to hold a hearing of the school board, to hear Cho’s side of the tale, and then, decide on how to handle the situations, and because it’s the right of the students to get an education, the school will give him a chance.

And so, because your writings got rejected, you made threats to the publishing company, because you thought that you are an amazing writer, and, maybe you are, for your age, but, did you ever consider, that the publishers had MORE to reflect on in considering his stuff for publishing???  And this is HOW ANOTHER “strawberry” got crushed, into STRAWBERRY P-R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S here!!!

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