An Autistic Girl Ran Away a Lot, and Her Father is at His Wit’s End

Raising a kid with a disability is NEVER easy!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

“Rou-Rou disappeared again!”, the twelve-year-old girl is severely autistic, when her single father goes off to work, he’d asked “nana” to come and help watch her, but, “Rou Rou” ran out, while her aging grandmother wasn’t looking.  This sort of “gone-missing” script happens almost once every week, and, “Rou-Rou’s” father had become too tired about this, and, the social services department said, that they’re going to send someone to help work with the family.

“Rou-Rou” is from a low-income household, she lived with her father, and younger sister in Chunghe District, she’s already over five foot tall, is tall for her age, and very hyper.  Monday through Fridays, she’d gone to afterschool program held by her elementary school until five, and, she wouldn’t run off without telling anybody.  But, on weekends, the holidays, or during her summer and winter vacations, she’d run off every single chance she’d get.

Last month on the 22nd, “Rou-Rou” stood on the cross-section of Chunghe, hollered, “Mom” out loud, the subprecinct patrol officer found her, and, helped her family get her back; but, in a week’s time, she’d “skipped home” again.  After her grandmother called the police, she’d checked all over the places, and, she’d found her in a cell phone shop, playing with cell phones.

The farthest distance “Rou-Rou” had ever traveled is that she’d taken a bus on her own, to the Ming-Shen Community by bus, and the bus driver called it in.  The grandmother is seventy-eight, and walked very slowly, every time that “Rou-Rou” had disappeared, she’d prayed to the gods, with a worried mind, “I’m under a great deal of stress”.

The man in charge of the borough where they lived said, that whenever the neighbors found “Rou-Rou”, they’d bring her home, but, this, was NOT a long-term solution.

“Maybe, I owed her this much!” the father told, he must worry about making ends meet, and he must worry nonstop about his daughter too, he’d hoped, that there are facilities, or organizations, to help her adapt better in this world, and grow up safe and sound.

The Children Welfare section of the Hsinbei Social Services said, that they’d already sent someone over to the family, and that the social worker will be doing an evaluation, then, they will get the assistance they need, that they’d held classes on the weekends, and there are daycare centers for the handicapped as well, to help alleviate the stress on the families.

And so, there’s NO way that this girl can be controlled, because she has autism, and, the father became too strained, as he is raising her up as a single parents, he has to work, and the elderly grandmother too, is at her wits ends, and so, the social services steps in, but, that’s still NOT treating the problems at hand, it’s still getting RID of the “symptoms” here.






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