Using the Claims of Helping His Female Followers to Get Rid of Bad Chi, He’d Taken Her Under the Tables in a Temple, Massaged, and Raped Her

Another one, who USED the name of G-O-D (read backwards is still D-O-G, hello, hello, hello???), and yet, you have to wonder: Why the FUCK is this SHIT still happening???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man who’s in charge of a shrine in Sanchung told a woman who has a cyst in his “Fairy Goddess Class”, falsely believed that he actually had the ability, to help her get her health back again, allowed him to massage her abdomen twice underneath the offering tables, and twice, his hands went into her panties, and she was raped by him, the highest courts found him guilty, of forced sexual acts, gave him a sentence of five years in prison, and he is about to serve time very shortly.

The woman around age thirty accused, that Hsieh (age sixty something) was the man in charge of a shrine in Sanchung, she’d often gone to meditate there, and is a member of the “fairies dance group”.
She said, that since August of 2009, she’d felt bad, and Hsieh claimed that he was possessed by the gods, saw that there’s a cyst growing on her ovary, to want her to lie down underneath the offering tables, and that he will use the spiritual healing methods, to help her get better, massage her abdomen, to help her get rid of her evil “chi”, instead, he’d stuck his hands into her panties, and raped her using his fingers.

Hsieh threatened the female follower, that she has a mother at home, and that if he didn’t used spiritual ways to heal her, then, her mother might end up burying her.  In October of the same year, he’d managed to rape her again, using his fingers.

Hsieh denied having raped the woman, claimed that he was possessed by the gods, to help her get rid of her cyst, that he’d never touched her genitals; that while he was massaging her, there were other followers who were watching too, and that she was wearing jeans, he couldn’t stick his hands inside her panties.

As the court went through the proceedings, the female lay on the floor underneath the table, covered by a cloth, plus Hsieh had bent down, to prevent everybody else from seeing what was going on; Hsieh had told her to unbutton her own jeans, so he could stick his hands into her panties; the two witnesses who were there also testified, that as the “treatment” was going on, that none of them were squatting down, so, they didn’t see what happened.  And so, the courts believed that Hsieh had indeed, raped the female follower.

And, after seeing this particular case (still NOT going to BE the last of ITS “kind”!!!), you still have to ask yourselves: how many times does this SHIT have to happen, until it’s completely EXTINCT?  And, hello, that still just shows you, that only the W-E-A-K, fall for this sort of a BULLSHIT!!!

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