A Male Instructor Had Sexually Molested Thirteen Male Students Over a Total of Three Hundred Times

From the news headlines, translated…

A man, Feng, was accused of sexually raping thirteen young boys close to three hundred times anally while he worked as a teacher for a church institution.  The Highest Court today, sentenced him to twenty-three years for forced sexual laws.

The verdict pointed out, that the twenty-nine year old Feng, during the period from April to June, 2012, took advantage of students, using the excuse of them, NOT paying attention, wanted the child to sit next to him, and forced him onto his own lap, stuck his hands down the child’s pants, other than fondling the children, he had raped them with his hands.

At this time, Feng works as a bible study instructor for children at a church, since 2010, he’d been threatening the boy, using the name of the “Holy Father” that if they didn’t comply, then, the children will NOT be able to be readmitted into church again, and he’d successfully used that to rape many more boys.

During the trial, Feng’s attorney stated that Feng admitted to being a pedophile, during his first trial, the courts confirmed that Feng had raped fifteen boys, and one of the children was raped as many as 120 times by him, that he’d raped the young children over three hundred times, and, the judge gave him a heavy combined sentence of twenty-nine years.

And the lawyer of this LOSER appealed, and got HIS sentence reduced down to just twenty-three, and that the case can ALL be appealed.  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  For starters, what happened to a STRICTER background check IF you want to work with children?  After all, those P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E-S still don’t have that VISIBLE tattoo you know???

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