Little Bobo Gave Me an Extra Dose of Compassion

The kindness from a child, translated…

There was a seven-year-old little boy, Bobo, because he wasn’t that articulate, he would cry and throw a temper tantrum whenever he’d gotten into trouble, and the teachers are all very stressed out by this.

One time during break, Bobo saw how his classmates, playing ball in the court, he wanted to join them, but he didn’t know how to tell them, he’d gone up to the group, and just taken the ball from them; naturally the classmates wouldn’t let go, he’d shown the gestures of hitting them, and, everybody went to the offices to tell the teacher.

There was another time in class, when Bobo wouldn’t stop shaking the desk, making disruptive noises, the instructor asked him nicely to stop, he’d pushed the desk down, making a loud thud, everything fell to the ground, and it’d scared everybody else in the class, including the teacher.

Based off of my many years of teaching experiences, I knew, that this child needed great care and concerns.  After the teacher made a home visit, she’d learned, that Bobo was from a single-parent household, that there was nobody he could talk to at home, so, he wasn’t verbally adept, couldn’t manage a whole sentence, can only nod, shake his head, say “yes” and “no”, which took a toll on his emotional management issues.

I’d asked the whole school to show a little bit MORE care and concerns for Bobo, that every day when they saw him in school, start a conversation with them.  I’d also taken the nap hours, to sit with him, to read with him, to draw, to write, with him.

Maybe, it was because how Bobo felt the love and concern from everybody in school, in a semester’s time, Bobo’s language skills, along with other areas, had improved by a lot, and he’d become the teacher’s little helper too, would help pass back the assignment books, turn off the lights, wipe off the chalk board, etc., etc., etc.

I can’t figure out how Bobo knew when my birthday was, he’d made a huge heart-shaped collage for me, and with this timidness about him, he’d brought it by, to the principal’s office.  The red collage was heart-shaped, there was his slanted handwriting, in Chinese alphabet, “Bobo Loves Principal”.  Seeing this card, I was very moved, and I’d held him in my arms, as I told him, “Principal Loves Bobo also!”

This card had melted my heart.  I’d placed it in my office, and, no matter how busy I’d gotten during the day, I would take a brief moment, to look at it.

And, this is how a child felt the kindness, care and concern shown to him by an adult, and, he naturally, allowed his loving side show, and that, is what the world needs, educator who cared, who took that extra time, to find out what the child was going through, and, give the children the right kind of cares and concerns that they are needing, the rewards of teaching is seen here too.


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