“Please Don’t Ruin My Son’s Life”

A mother’s words, spoken, on behalf of her son, who’d rammed a car into someone else’s child’s body and killed him.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, don’t SUE him for this accident”, she’d cried, as she’d begged and pleaded with them, with a total disregard of how the family is still mourning for their own child’s death.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life”, well, he’d ruined HIS own life, by getting behind the wheels that night after he’d had one too many to drink, and would NOT allow the bar, to call him a cab, because it “cost” too much from this end of town to where he lives.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, and allow me, his mother, to pay for what he’d done”, the woman takes out her checkbook, and pen, looked up at the family of the victim, as she waited, for them, to holler out an amount, the amount that’s “tagged” on the child’s life…

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, he’s ALL I have, it’s all my fault, that I didn’t teach him well, if you want to blame, blame me instead”, but, you’re NOT the one to have gotten behind the wheels that night, were you?  And, your son, NO matter how precious he is to you, MUST pay for the lives that he’d taken too, the lives of someone else’s babies.



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