More Prisons, or, More Schools

And NO, getting SHOT is still NOT one of the “options” here!!!

Because of how there are limited number of kids being born (some of us aren’t even considering children as an “option”!!!), there would be, a need, for less, and less, AND less schools, and, with the education going down, there would surely be, a need, for MORE prisons.

And now, this, is the dilemma: do we want MORE prisons, or MORE school in the neighborhood?  And, IF we choose (as it would be a C-H-O-I-C-E!!!) to have more children, how will we guarantee, that they would all be, raised UP well, if the adults are working hard, in those factories, offices, or whatever, making “ends” meet?  Then, we’d be leaving our babies, in the care of strangers, some of whom aren’t even qualified (still NOT talking about that certification either).

And, as this becomes a “trend”, because it would cost, so very much, to have a child, raise her/him up, get them safe and sound, into, their adulthood years, and, need I mention the HIKE in the prices that it cost, to go to college these days?  And that is just more burdens, on us, the parent generations, isn’t it?

It would be, a HELL of a L-O-T easier, to blame someone for something bad that’s happened, on the “system”, but hey, the systems are D-E-A-D (they’re NOT living), it’s the people in those systems, that should be blamed, for the outcomes of those separate societies, isn’t it?  So, why is this scapegoating behavior still happening everywhere I look?  Or maybe, I’m merely, TOO sensitive, as I’d always been then???

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