All It Takes, is a Lunatic

We don’t need M-O-R-E, just O-N-E, and, the world, will go to H-E-L-L…

All it takes, is a LUNATIC, and we still don’t need any MORE extras on the “set”, and the world, will BE a HUGE mess that’s for sure.  Take for instance, those PSYCHOS you’d heard about in history, the ones that committed genocide, to “purify” the world, and look where it’d gotten them?

All it takes, is a lunatic, and someone to believe, in the claims of this lunatic, and, they’re in “business”, because that, is how stupid humans can be, there’s NO doubt.
All it takes, is a lunatic, someone who’s called crazy, to change the world, after all, there’s that necessity of leadership, even IF the leader isn’t at all, that well-rounded, it’s still, better to follow someone around, than to walk around, lost, in life, forever, isn’t it?  So, that, is still, the basic law of economics…

All it takes, is a lunatic, to break a world apart, into bits and pieces, and, all it takes, is still, a lunatic, to create change, to make this world better, now, the question is merely this: which kind of a L-U-N-A-T-I-C would you want to be, if you had to choose?


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11 responses to “All It Takes, is a Lunatic

  1. Time for me to be a lunatic 🙂 The kind that believes all dreams can be achieved!

    • If you’re a lunatic, because you have dreams, then, i guess, i can also be considered a L-U-N-A-T-I-C too, and, i don’t mind being called that under those circumstances, thanks for reading.

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