Worked as a Mercenary for Six Month, the Once Slim and Weak Boy Became a Muscle Man

The boy became a M-A-N, which is less than I can say for Y-O-U (not talking TO anybody still!!!), translated…

My colleague’s son, after graduating from community college, had his heart set on taking the fire department police officers’ examinations, he wanted to become a volunteer firefighter, but, he just couldn’t pass the examinations, even IF he’d gone and taken the cram classes.  He’d found a couple of jobs, but, NONE of it matched up to his expectation of what his dream job would be, later, he’d heard, that someone became a mercenary in France, and had made a TON of money too, and so, he’d decided to do the same.

After he’d made up his mind, this young man started going to take French lessons, in the end, he’d passed the requirements and finally, getting shipped out to France, he was so excited about it, but my colleague worried, because her son is a premature baby, very thinly built, and that he must pass through a harsh training as a soldier before he is able to serve, and sign a five-year-contract to stay in France, and get stationed all over the world to work.

My colleague worried that her son couldn’t pass through the six-month harsh trainings, and worried more on that if he did manage, he’ll in the French armed services for five years, what if he was sent to war, and died?  But her son had made his mind up, and nothing and nobody could change him.

Six months later, my colleague’s son returned to Taiwan.  She’d told us, that her son passed through the six-month of harsh trainings, he could sign a five-year contract, but, after careful considerations, he’d decided that Taiwan is better and so, he’d come back.  She said, that even though he’s NOT a formal mercenary, but, the six months in France had made a man out of him!  Because of the strict physical trainings, it’d made him stronger, he’d gotten two centimeters taller, and his muscles are hardened, became a tall and strong man now, and, from before how his love life wasn’t at all that good, he’d gotten a girlfriend shortly after his return.

“Can’t believe that being a mercenary for six month had made a man out of my son, this, is the biggest reward of his trip to France”, my colleague laughed, as she’d told us.

My colleague’s son, after coming home, worked hard to find a job, and finally, he’d worked as an operator at the airport, responsible for loading the luggage onto the belts, unloading the luggage from the planes, sometimes, he would have to stand underneath the scorching sun the whole day as he worked, but, for him, who’d been trained as a mercenary in France, this, is easy A, and he’d enjoyed his job very much.

And so, the boy finally became a M-A-N, after the grueling trainings in the army, and, the mother’s worries were unwarranted, and that just shows you, that parents worry TOO much, because the kids will have their own separate destinies to fulfill!!!

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