Three High School Aged Girls Helped an Incontinent Elderly Man Clean Up, the Online Community Dubbed Them Angels

True stories of H-O-P-E, and faith, from the YOUNGER generations out there!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two evenings ago on the streets of Taipei, there was a moving scene; three girls, waiting for their busses helped an elderly man who became incontinent, to wipe away the feces on the legs of his pants; a person took down the footage and shared it on Facebook, and the online community started reblogging it, and giving them never-ending kudos, called them angels.

These three beautiful on the inside girls attended a private all girls’ high school, they were all last year students and close friends to one another.  Because the elderly man is somewhat demented, they feared that he might not be able to get home safe, and had flagged down a cab, paid three hundred dollars, for the driver to take the elderly man home.

Believed that He’d Stepped into Some Dog Feces

“If I hadn’t helped him, I will regret it for the rest of my life,”, one of the girls, Yu told, she and Lin originally planned to take the bus home, and, as they’d walked to the parking lot of the local marketplace, they’d found this elderly man in his seventies, stumbling, with a bad smell from his body, kept shaking his legs.  “At first, we thought he’d stepped on some dog poop.”  Later, the elderly man went and sat on the iron bench by the bus stop, looking into the distance, helplessly, she and Lin walked up to him and inquired, “Are you okay, grandpa?”, “I’m ill”, the elderly man said, in a barely audible voice, she and Lin looked at one another, without a second thought, they’d taken out the tissues they’d carried, and started helping him clean up.

Ten Other of Their Classmates Joined in Helping Out

Lin stated, that the elderly man had fecal matter on the legs of his pants, along with his sneakers; and, another student from their same class, Yang, also gave them his tissue to help out, and, the surrounding ten students also put up their own separate tissues too, and the elderly man continued telling them, “Thank you.”

“Grandpa, where do you live?”, Lin and her friend, Yu, kept inquiring the man, wanted to give him a lift home; the elderly man only told them that he lived close to a local elementary school, and couldn’t tell them the exact address.

The Girls Put Up $300 N.T.s for a Cab to Take Him Home

The three girls were uneasy, having the elderly man take the bus on his own, “We’d estimated that it will take two hundred dollars”, and in the end, Lin put up two hundred, and Yu, one hundred dollars, flagged down a cab, and asked the driver to get the elderly home safely, and they’d given the driver an extra hundred dollars, “hoping that the driver can be kind enough, to drop him off at his door.”

This accidental “detour” had made the girls one hour late, arriving home, and, the family asked them why, they’d told their families of what had happened; Lin and Yu said, both their parents all believed, that they’d done something wonderful.

The three girls’ actions had been recording by someone, and posted onto Facebook to share, with the line, “This behavior is moving, the Taiwanese people DO still have their compassions”, and the online community commended them for adding more warmth to the coldness of the world.  The three girls arrived in school early for the morning study sessions, smiled and told, “Everybody with an elderly at home would do what we did.”

And so, these three girls SHOWED the world, that there are those out there who still cared, and, the girls and the elderly were just strangers, but, because the girls helped the man, there’s MORE connection between them now, and, they managed to bring some light, into the elderly man’s life too, with their acts of kindness toward him.


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