The Shortage of Caretakers of Elderly, the Caretakers Would Get Beaten and Screamed at, and None are Willing to Work in the Same Place for Long-Term

The “surfacing” of the issues in LONG-TERM care, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

It was eight in the evening, and, the caretaker, Lu, had been watching over a man, Ming, who’d become demented for five days straight, she’d carried her panda-eyes, with the bump on her head, from four days ago, from getting beaten by the man she looked after, and, Ming, who was recuperating from his surgery started cussing her out again………

There was a patient who’d wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the nights, but didn’t want to wake his caretaker, tip-toed toward the bathrooms, and, ended up, slipping and falling.  Lu sighed, “I’d worked for twenty-four hours a day, and I earn barely $75N.T. an hour, and now, I have to BE sued for criminal negligence too.”

The government had already set up a system of long-term care providers, but, out of nearly ninety thousand trained workers, only twenty-two percent stayed in the field.  The screws, at the most basic level of the big machine is currently, shaking loose.

Long work hours, low pay, without insurance, getting disrespected, it had caused this short-lived lifespan of caretakers.  “The environment which the caretakers worked in is too harsh.”, the woman in charge of the Caring Department of the Chiaji Hospital, Lin, stated, plus, a LOT of the families treated the caretakers as if they’re maids.  A lot of the workers dropped out after just three months, and those who stayed, even with a TON of compassion and heart, along with patients, their patience are easily drained out by the pressures.

And, this, is still, merely, THE tip of the I-C-E-B-E-R-G, the screw of a problematic “machine”, and, there is NO way to change this, not from the short-term angle, but, people are aging fast, living longer, and, with longevity, comes the demand of elderly care, but, IF the workers are NOT treated with the respects that they deserved, HOW, do you suppose we will be taken care of in our old age???  Exactly!!!

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