The Older Sister’s “Disappearing into the Sands” Became Her Last Words

These, are her FINAL words, on Facebook, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Liu family had passed away, and when the school heard, everybody was shocked by the news, last night, someone found that the older girl wrote on her Facebook pages on the 19th, “Here comes the countdown, the secondhand keeps on moving fast, it won’t stop at all”, seemingly, foreshadowing the unfortunate event.

The principal told, that as the older sister entered into the middle school, because of the parents not getting along, and after her homeroom teacher found out, she’d accompanied the girl, showed her extra care and concerns, and had asked the social services department, along with a welfare foundation to intervene into the family; the older girl knew that her mother had been in misery, and was more than mature about it.

Even though the older sister scored toward the bottom half of the class, but she’d worked hard in school, and the instructor saw that, and called her understanding; and she’d helped out the instructor a lot, “She is, really, a good girl!”

The older sister loved those Korean stars, and there are a TON of messages on her Facebook about chasing after the stars, and nobody could see how unhappy she was in her own family.  But, since the sixteenth, there are a LOT of hidden meanings on her Facebook pages, on the nineteenth, she’d left her “countdown”, two days ago, before she’d died, she’d left, “At least, those disappearing footprints in the sand had once made me happy.”, that, was her final words.

As for her younger brother two years her junior, started in middle school just last September.  The principal said, that the younger brother was “very active and cute”, and would follow his older sister in to school, and say “hi” to everybody he met in the mornings.  The principal said, that when the younger boy entered the school, he didn’t like English class, and had told the instructor, “We’re not foreigners, we don’t need to learn English”, but in the encouragement of the teacher, he started showing passion for the subject, and had improved in his grades a lot, a few days ago, the instructor wanted to give the younger brother an award for his hard work, and now, there’s NO chance.

The principal said, that school-aged children, if they’re troubled by family, it would often affect them in areas of interpersonal relations or the academics, but it didn’t show with the sister-brother pair at all; even though they didn’t like talking about their father, other than that, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, and they’re both getting along very well with their classmates and friends, that everybody’s sad over this tragedy.

And, had someone paid a little MORE attention, to PRY further into those two children’s stories, then, this tragedy may have been prevented, their lives could’ve been saved, but, because everybody JUST assumed that it’s okay with them (like in the song, Alyssa Lies???), that, is why, this was NOT prevented, and, this case would surely BE forgotten by the world by tomorrow, as a brand new SET of tragedies surface here.



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