A Mother Blamed Her Ex for Gambling, She Took Her Middle School-Aged Children to Commit Suicide

Just because your husband is a compulsive gambler, it still doesn’t mean that you have the right, to END the lives of your children, does it???  Of course N-O-T, so, once again, W-H-Y, did this have to happen???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is yet, another tragedy, of a mother, burning coal with her children!  The thirty-three year-old divorcee Lu, suspected of feeling unhappy about the still living with her ex husband’s gambling habits and unemployment, left her final note, took along her middle school kids, burned charcoal, and committed suicide; the ex, Liu, yesterday, returned home, and found his ex-wife and child already cold, fainted from the pains.

The siblings are third and first year middle school students, when they were discovered, they were properly dressed, and because there’s NO suspicious pill bottles around, and NO signs of struggle, the police believed, that it’s either the kids agreed with their mother, to die together, or that the woman burned charcoal and suffocated all three of them together in their sleep.

The police found, that the thirty-nine year old Liu was married for over ten years with Lu, the family of four lived in a three-story mansion together; last year, the wife divorced him, but because of districting, Lu took the children, and moved in with her ex in Miaoli.

Two days ago, Liu went to Jia-Xien, Kaohsiung with a group of worshippers, didn’t get home until yesterday morn, and was shocked to find his ex and his children, lying in the bedroom, and, had all died, he was so shocked, and started hollering to the neighbors, “Help!  Come quick!”, after the police got a call, Liu was so worked up, that he’d passed out.

The firefighters found, that lividity had set in on the family of three, and that there were tapes, on the windows that opened to the outside, and that the charcoal on the stove had turned into ashes already; as the investigators cased the scene, they’d found that inside Lu’s purse, there were three notes, addressed to her ex, but the handwritings were inconsistent, the police suspected that the mother and children took turns writing the notes.

The police found that Lu complained of long-term dispute with her ex, and that after her ex sold the land close to the high-speed railways for close to ten million dollars, he didn’t pay up his debts, instead, he still gambled with it, and loaned it out to his friends, that he’d disappointed his family; that the ex had been unemployed long-term, is a impulsive gambler, she felt that her marriage was a complete failure, two weeks ago, she’d had a huge fight with him, which was what led to her suicide.

As Liu rushed to the hospital, he broke down, said, that from before he’d worked as a factory employee, but his bad health had caused him to lose his job, plus, he and his ex didn’t get along, that, was why they’d divorced; two days ago, his ex made four calls to him, but he didn’t get it, and, as he’d called her back, the line was busy, he couldn’t imagine that she’d taken his kids to commit suicide.  Toward his ex’s accusations, he’d denied, last night, that it was his gambling habits that had driven the family to die.

Liu’s family and friends all went to his house, to offer console, and remained silent when asked about how the couple was getting along.  Based off of the neighbors, the Lius rarely interacted with the neighbors, but, they didn’t seem to have any economic difficulties, and that they hadn’t heard arguing from next door, so, they were ALL shocked to hear of this news of suicide by burning charcoal.

And so, this, is still, an exacerbation of what went on in the marriage that’s caused this tragedy, and yeah, it could’ve been prevented, but, why wasn’t it???  Is it, the neighbors’ faults, for NOT caring enough?  Or, the husband’s gambling habits that’s made the ex-wife cracked, or, a combination of an assortment of factors?  Think about it, and no, I still don’t have the answers to this one either!!!





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