Dragging a Child by the Hair to Cross the Streets, the Daycare Center Claimed that They Were Wiping the Sweat Off of the Child’s Forehead

This would be considered, IMPROPER behavior of a school instructor, hello, hello, hello???  And, it’s amazing that people like that are still getting hired, what’s happening to the WORLD today???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A person in charge of an afterschool program, Pan, was responsible for getting a third-grade boy to afterschool program, but would pull him by his hair across the walkways all the time, after the child’s mother learned this, she’d asked for the school’s street surveillance cameras, and she is suing Pan for damages, and forced hurtful behaviors.  The Shihlin District Court believed, that Pan was guilty for dragging the child by his hair, forced him to cross the roads, and, gave him fifty days in jail, which he could pay a fee out of serving the time.

The worker of this afterschool center said, that the little boy was misbehaving a lot, would pick on his classmates, and would horseplay as he crossed the streets, as he screamed out to the workers, “Come and get me!”, that the parents did NOT get the afterschool program’s story, and were hiding, in the gardens, collecting their evidence, and told the center that they will be suing for $300,000N.T. in damages, that the afterschool program will go for an appeal too.

Based off of understanding, the child, Shih’s mother is a middle school teacher, and the child and his older brother had been coming to the afterschool center for over ten years to date; and the parents knew the instructor well; and now, the boy’s been withdrawn from the center.

The child’s mother said, that last year, her youngest told his grandma, “the teacher had picked up one more extra student, then, he’d grabbed me by the hair, to go across the streets.”  At first, she thought that the child was playing with the instructor, but after her son complained, time and time again, she’d asked to review the surveillance tapes on the school’s crossways, and found footages of the person in charge of the afterschool program, Pan, pulled the child by his hair twice, and decided to sue.

The person in charge, Pan said, that he knew the boy well, that they were horseplaying on the way, that the surveillance footage doesn’t tell the whole story; that he was merely wiping the sweat off of the kid’s head.  But the judge had reviewed the footage, and found NO such behaviors, and believed that the little boy’s hair was indeed, yanked, that he could only go along with what Pan had done; that he’d forced the child to do something he wasn’t willing to do, so, Pan was charged, with crimes of forcible behaviors.

And so, this man still should NOT be working WITH children, IF he cracks that easily, and yet, anybody CAN open up a daycare center, because it IS really easy, to get qualified, and, there’s still NOT a strict enough background checks either.




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