A Man Forgot to Cover Up the Other Surveillance Camera While He Raped Someone

You KNOW what they say, about how NO good deed goes UNPUNISHED, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man raped a coworker from the restaurant after she’d gotten too drunk, even though, he’d managed to cover up the surveillance camera, to cover up his privates, but, he was caught on tape, by a more distant surveillance camera that recorded down his face, the district attorney’s office prosecuted him for rape of opportunity.

Wang, who’s about thirty years of age, worked in a restaurant, after the restaurant closed in the early morning hours, he’d often stayed and gotten drunk with his coworkers.  Last year, one early morn in November, he’d stayed after work, and then, went out for a midnight snack afterwards, leaving the two female coworkers who passed out from the drinking in the shop to rest up.

After the snack, Wang returned to the restaurant alone, one of the female coworkers had already slept off her drunkenness, and the two of them continued drinking in the office, until the woman passed out, then, Wang got ready to go home.  Before he got off work, he’d helped the other female coworker to the couch, and, found that she’s completely out cold, then, he got horny, used a shirt, to cover up the surveillance camera behind him on the ceiling, then, he’d raped the female coworker.

The victim woke, during the sexual assault, and had used her arms to push him off, but, she became limp from the drunkenness.  When she woke, Wang had already left, and, she’d run to the backroom for the employees, and found another female coworker, and told her what’d happened, and, she’d accompanied her to the police.

When the police inquired, Wang admitted to what he’d done, and said that he was sorry for what he’d done, but, when he was taken to the district attorney’s office, he’d retracted his claims, claimed that she wasn’t out cold from having too much alcohol, that it was consensual sex.  But, the D.A. looked into the matter, and saw the surveillance footage had been covered up, and, when a coworker inquired Wang why he’d done it, he’d texted to his victim, saying he “was sorry, and, not knowing what he can say to make her feel better”.  And so, the D.A. believed that she was, indeed, raped.

And so, once again, this, is still all caused by???  Oh yeah, A-L-C-O-H-O-L, and, the man thought he could escape, because he thought he’d covered his tracks, without knowing, that he would get caught, NO matter what.

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