The Way a Chicken Rebels


Actually, I’m quite a chicken.

As a chicken, I’d still have the necessities and the desire to rebel, however.

Being chicken, I have NO right to fail, I must succeed by the first try, or I will never find the courage, to give it another shot again.

At around age thirteen or fourteen, I’d felt, that even IF I wanted to “derail”, I’d still have to have a way back, after thinking thoroughly, I’d decided, to let my grades drop, without getting into trouble with anybody else, that’s what I’ll do.

It became difficult, for the adults to deal with me at puberty, and I’d gotten the upper hand, even though the instructors were angry with me, in the end, they couldn’t do anything, after all, we’re just a group of teenage kids.

But, my rebellions are not due to the hormonal changes, it was after thorough thought.

I’d gone to middle school in Kaohsiung, but I’d already made my mind up on going to Taipei for high school, and, I’d quietly signed up with the rest of the class, and, privately, I’d asked my relatives, to sign me up for the schools to apply to, after the scores were out, I’d returned to school, and, on the honor roll, there’s one less for the All Girls’ High in Kaohsiung, but, an extra for Zhongshan All Girls’ high school in Taipei.  Other than being bored, starting in my second semester in my first year, I’d gotten involved in extracurricular outside of school, and, without my parents’ supervisions, I had been focusing, solely on the extracurriculars, and, during the summers and winters vacation, I’d made excuses for myself NOT to head home.  Until my last year of high school, my grades are already gone to the dogs, and I’d realized, that there was NO way I could get into university, and I’d flipped the cards with my parents, told them I had NO intentions of furthering my education.

Back then, my homeroom teacher was an all-the-way good student, a history teacher who focused, solely on getting higher in the academics, and, the only way she’d taught was to remember the text so she could recite it backwards.  And, every time when it came for my homeroom teacher to write out the test questions, and, if the kids from other homerooms took the exams, they’d totally flunk, and, I’m the only one who couldn’t make an A in her class, thus, dragging down the entire class’s average.  And, my instructor was innocent and simple-minded, so, I didn’t want to be hard on her.

After two rounds of negotiations, I’d agreed with my mom, and finished my high school years, gotten high enough on my college entrance, then, I’d started homeschooling for a year.  Back then, I didn’t realize that there’s such a thing called “Gap Year”, I’d just felt, that there’s no way I can possibly have the life I wanted.

After my successes in rebellion in my middle and high school years, I’d gotten more fierce, no longer am I a scaredy cat anymore.  In the futures, I’d realized the importance, of judging myself based off of this inner voice, instead of outside influences.

There would be NO point in rebellion, for rebellion’s sake.

Rebellion had become a navigation system for me, in this big old world, that keeps me on track.

So, without your being rebellious against the authority figures, without challenging your parents and your instructors, you would’ve NEVER been able to become who you are, this, is precisely W-H-Y, parents should ENCOURAGE kids to rebel, but, within the “legal limits”, of course!!!



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