Getting Rid of the Sharp Edges You Have

Interpersonal relationship, in the workforce, is especially important these days, translated…

My colleague, Dong-Mei, before the holidays, gave me an art book, and, there were names to the art pieces, whether it was only a pencil sketch, or watercolor, along with the mindset that my colleague had when she’d drawn the pictures.  Dong-Mei had edited, set up the pages, and added the notes, to make it into a art book, with note pages.

There was a line on the back covers, it described the mindset of how the artworks had gone from black and white, to colors, and it’d also reflected the ups and downs she had weathered with her work.  There would be words of encouragements at the bottom right side of each page, like “When you no longer persisted, you’d get what you wished for.”

Dong-Mei was extremely passionate toward her last job, but because she held different values of her new boss, she’d gotten demoted.  In her sketch, Tulip, she’d written, “Find a way you’ll stand, to allow yourself to become irreplaceable, we should walk our own paths in life with courage.”  I do believe, that she’d found a way out of that twisting, winding, small passage, and found herself on smooth land again.

Recalling when I was younger, I’d have pointy head, and, I couldn’t withstand the unfair treatments in the workforce, and I’d threw my temper tantrums in the office, made many enemies.  Many years later I’d recalled this, and, other than hurting my with my own pointy head, what ELSE did I get?  Not only did I hurt others, I’d ended up, hurting myself.

As I’d flipped Dong-Mei’s art book to the very end, a last sketch with the words, “Leaving some room, to know how to get along with others, don’t make something out of nothing, and, if something comes up, face it, bravely.”  That, is what we’re working towards in the workforce together.

So this woman shared her wisdom of working with her work colleague, and maybe, there was something that was going on between the two ladies, but, there’s NONE anymore, because the woman reached out to her coworker, as a sign of friendship.


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