Lending a Helping Hand at the Right Time


We hadn’t received the newspaper subscription of UDN papers for two straight days awhile ago.  The first day, I didn’t mind, thought that the newspaper delivery boy had forgotten, or sent the papers to someone else, but, on the second day that I didn’t get the papers, I started feeling that something was up.  And so, I’d gone upstairs, to ask Mr. Chang, he’d ordered the same paper as I, with the same delivery boy, and, he too, didn’t receive the papers.

And so, we’d both believed, that something had happened to the delivery boy, because this had never happened, in many years, and so, I’d called the delivery person, she’d told me that her motorcycle went bust, that it will take over $7,000N.T.s to fix it, and she couldn’t manage to find the cash, and so, she’d borrowed someone’s bicycles, and because she lives in Tucheng, and she was making the deliveries in the Eastside of Taipei, it’s too far, so that, was why the papers went missing for two days, but starting tomorrow, she’s surely to deliver, hoping that we’d forgive her.

I’d hung up the phones, thought about how a single mother, with an unstable job, has to pay rent, to take care of the kids, it’s surely to be hard; in order to get more money, she’d taken up the early morning route, and afterwards, she’d done some janitorial work, and, in the evenings, she’d gone and sold items at the evening markets.

I’d told the general situation to my neighbor, Mr. Chang upstairs, he said, that if the motorcycle was not working, and she didn’t have the money to fix it, then, he’d wanted to give the motorcycle he’d used regularly to her, even though, it’s not brand new, but, it will surely be able to work for another two to three years without troubles.

But Mrs. Chang believed, that without the motorcycle, it would be trouble for Mr. Chang to get to places.  And Mr. Chang said, that the motorcycle was only used in convenience, so he wouldn’t have to walk everywhere, that at most, he’d had to walk more, that he wouldn’t mind the exercise.  But for the delivery person, the motorcycle was a tool to make her living with, it’s a necessity, that it would be better, if they helped her out in this emergency, than for them to start offering assistance to her when she couldn’t make a living on her own, after Mrs. Chang had heard, she’d agreed.  He’d wanted me to tell the newspaper delivery lady this, and have her give him her registration, so he would register the motorcycle under her name.

And so, Mr. Chang had given the motorcycle to the delivery lady, and helped better her troubles at hand.  And, ever since that day, the papers came on time for every single house.

When someone’s in trouble, in our own abilities, we’d given assistance, it does NOT impact our lives, but, is very important to the person receiving the assistance.  The Chang’s compassion to help, is moving to me.

A story of kindness, and, the man used empathy, to look at the situation, and, he’d managed to help the delivery lady, and that still shows, a little empathy goes a VERY long way!!!


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