The Extinction of Books

The “species” called books will eventually become altogether a thing of the past, because, everything’s gone hi-tech these days, you have your Kindle, I-Pad readers and what-not, and, lugging around that heavy more than five-hundred pages hardcover college textbook, well, it’s NOT only unhealthy for your shoulders and backs, it’s also pointless, after all, them college professors NEVER teach out of those.

And so, because the need for books had declined, and, when the need declines, the supplies will eventually cease, because that, is still the BASIC law of economic, remember that “lecture” on Supply & Demand?

So, by the end of the next fifty years, I’m thinking, there will be NO more books for your children to have, and, you will find your two or three year-olds, using those I-Pad, Kindle or whatever ELSE hi-tech SHITS better than you can, and, that also brings an end to your “regular” Bedtime Story Sessions, and I’d already DISCUSSED the purpose of these, and, without these, your children will NEVER be properly socialized, save when they “log on” to the computer, and start web-surfing for P-O-R-N, and the thing is that they won’t even HAVE to look so hard, imagine that, how would you react if you see your three-year-old little girls, getting HUMPED by their little five-year-old boy playmates, oh I know: let me show you kids H-O-W it’s done, doggy style, man on top, woman supine, woman on top, man supine, and, I will also be teaching you the 69 too (and yeah, still know what ALL those A-R-E, and, ain’t NEVER done THAT, don’t plan to either, so, BACK O-F-F!!!).

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