Getting Touched by Her Elementary School Teacher, the Female Students in the Class Made a Protective Wall Around Themselves

Like I said before, MORE is better than O-N-E, from the Front Page Sections, translated, and, you CAN file this one under IMPROPER behaviors of school instructors, I know I would…

The male instructor from a certain elementary school in Nantou was accused of slapping his female students’ rear ends in class, and was also accused of rubbing himself up on her, every time class starts, he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to harass her, the other girls in the class felt that it wasn’t right, so, one girl asked the rest of the females in class to BAND together, to protect her; the school later had fired this male instructor, but he’d claimed that it wasn’t intentional, that it was a mishap, and had asked the school, to take back firing him, and was tossed back by the court in Taichung.  The judge said, had it been unintentional, then, why had it happened continuously?  Even IF the male instructor did apologize for his actions each and every time.

The principal from the school told, that this male instructor had already been FIRED from his teaching post, and, at the time of the incident, the school set up a gender equality board of trustees to investigate the matter, and gave the instructor time to explain his actions, that everything was done, based off of the legislature’s requirements.

The person in charge of the education department of the local government, Yee said, the process of filing the complaints, they did ask the school and the instructor, to explain what had happened, the male instructor denied having sexually harassed the student, but the frequency of his “unintentional bumping into her” was way too high, that it’d made the student fear for her own safety, the members of the gender equality board also asked the students of the class as to whether this DID indeed, occur during class session, and they’d proven that it had, and the whole process of the mediation was more than fair AND just.

The investigation group found, that the victim had her parents accompany her to school, to accuse the instructor for slapping her buttocks multiple times, and as they took exams, he would lean in to her, to see her thighs, and when it wasn’t class time, he would get near her too, and it had made her feel threatened and she’d cried, and would walk up behind her in class, to rub his own lower extremities up on her too, and, FIVE other female classmates testified to this.

The male instructor denied the accusations, claimed that he’d taught the class wholeheartedly, that he’d accidentally spitted onto her, that, was why he’d tapped her on the shoulders to apologize for it; that he’d walked around the room as he’d held class that it wasn’t intentional, that he’d touched her.

The female student, however, accused that the male instructor had become worse in his sexual harassments of her, whenever he’d gotten close to her, she’d start to melt down; a TON of the other female classmates knew this, and would circle around her seat, to protect her, to NOT allow the instructor near her.

And this, is still IMPROPER, from the male instructor, and, this happened in her elementary school year too, and, can you imagine this young woman, carrying this PAIN, for the REST of her life, because a LOSER can’t keep his hands to himself?  And, NO amount of punishment will SUFFICE, to cover the loss that this young woman has to endure!!!


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