A Man Who Collected Debts Through Violent Means Suddenly Discovered His Parents are Aged

WAKE UP CALL, people, this is, the RETURN, of that PRODIGAL S-O-N, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Hou” who’d looked like a girl, had always been picked on by his classmates, they’d thrown his textbooks into the trash, they’d hidden his lunches.  Back in middle school, in order to protect himself, he’d gotten a tattoo, and started fighting; after he’d run away from his family at age fourteen, he’d done everything, from a car mechanic, to the most ferocious violent debt collecting ring, in the end, he was taken into juvenile hall for selling illegal substances.

Hou’s parents came to visit him, his mother couldn’t stop crying, his father said to him, “You just stay in here for awhile, and don’t make trouble anymore, we will help you with your case.”, and he’d all of a sudden, discovered how beaten his parents looked, and aged too, and he’d gained an understanding, of how his parents had been tortured and suffered for so hard because of him.

Hou would often cry in the nights on the bunk of his juvenile hall bed, thinking about his past, he’d decided to turn his own life around.  Last June, in the assistance of the social workers, he’d found a job as a salesperson, in a glasses company, and had pursued after the girl he had the eyes for back in middle school, and is now, going to high school.

At age nineteen, Hou told, that back when he was working as a “hitter” with the debt collectors, he felt he was a warrior who knew how to fight, he would use weapons to get those who owed the debts to the “company” for the head of the group to beat up, and, he’d earned three million dollars in just four months, which he’d squandered away on drinking, playing pool, going to pubs, and splitting it with the newcomers; selling ketamine for no more than two months, he’d earned over $200,000N.T., but “I’d waited five years of my precious life, I don’t have that many five years to waste anymore, I must take advantage of the time I have, to work hard, and treat my girlfriend and family well.”

And so, that, was what it took, for this young man, to turn HIS life around, seeing how aged his parents got because of worries for him, and, that, was enough, for him, to turn HIS life around, another SUCCESS story here!!!


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