The Power of Words

AMEN to that!!!  Translated…

Can an article, truly help a person turn her/his life around?  I’d gotten the confirmations of that from my colleague at work, Mei-Ling.

Whatever it may be, food, drinks, clothes, stuff from daily living, so long as there’s a sale or promotion somewhere, Mei-Ling would tell us all about it, and would even volunteer to pick the items up for us at the office; when someone called in sick, Mei-Ling would naturally shoulder the extra load.

It’s even more amazing, hearing Mei-Ling’s speech, she’d always used positive words, to describe things, events, and people she’s been in contact with, rarely used words of judgments at all.  Mei-Ling is just like the bright sunrays, giving people warmth and the drive to change, and I’d often given her “Kudos” in my heart.

Actually, Mei-Ling’s mother was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder.  Since she was a child, her mother would wake her up at five, and ranted on about her own lonely childhood, how people discriminated against her when she was a teen, how she didn’t get along with her mother-in-law, how distant she’d felt to her husband…………all the same complaints, over, over, and over again.  Mei-Ling told us, that she could recite what her mother told her backwards and front too.  Early in the morn, she is in NO mood to hear her mother’s nagging, but she saw the sorrow in her mother’s eyes, so, she could only bear with it, as her mother’s “audience”.

In middle school, Mei-Ling saw how other children get to play coy with their own mothers, and she’d become the daily emotional dumpster to her mother’s negative emotions.  She’d blamed the heavens for “endowing” her with such a weird mother, and she’d even gotten angrier at how her father escaped from all of this intentionally.

Until one day, she’d read in a book, a line, “After a person is fifty, the person must take up HALF the responsibility for who s/he becomes, the other half, might be caused by the parents, but, think about it, your own parents may have their set of separate difficulties that they are dealing with in life top.”, and that, was ALL it took, she’d told herself, to NEVER turn into her mother.

The words she’d read when she was younger, like a young sapling, grew and became a blooming, fruit-bearing tree on Mei-Ling.  See, the words ARE powerful!

And so, what woke this woman up were those words she’d read, and, maybe from before, she’d blamed her own life’s circumstances, which rendered her helpless, because she couldn’t change anything ABOUT her circumstances, but after she’d read those lines, she’d gotten HER wake up call, and started taking control OVER her own life, and, she’d turned her own life around, with the altering of her thoughts.


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