The Children From an Orphanage Paid a Visit to an Old Folks Home, Went From Shy to Not Wanting to Leave

Here’s something to offer H-O-P-E to the world, after all, this world, is still, already filled with an ASSORTMENT of S-H-I-T, from the Newspapers, translated…

Children from the Compassion Orphanage in Sinchuang yesterday, entered the elderly estate apartments in Wugu with unsettling natures, seeing the white-haired elderly persons all stared at them, at first, the children felt out of place, but, after the children had served the elderly their meals, they’d gotten acquainted, after a little more than two hours of spending time together, this group of elderly and children separated, not wanting each other to leave.

The twenty-eight members of the orphanage rarely had chances of interacting with elderly people, yesterday, in the leadership of the head social worker, Su, they’d first gone to the Hsinbei city’s industrial parks to make a strawberry treat; Su wanted each child to make four, they could have two, but, the other two, they were to save, for the elderly persons they will be meeting up with later on in the day.

In the activities center in Wugu, the manager of the elderly apartment, Huang, took a group of elderly people, and sat them down, in a row, the children from the orphanage had almost NO experiences, interacting with elderly people, so, they were, mostly, shy, but, in the encouragements of the social workers, they’d started holding conversations with the elderly people, and some of them even served the elders their meals.

The eighty-nine year old Tsai lived in the elderly apartments for ten years, she said, that she has her own children, but they’re all very busy, after the husband passed on, she decided to move into an old folks’ apartment complex, but she misses her grandkids very much, and seeing those children from the orphanage, it reminded her of her own grandchildren.

The ninety-year-old woman, Yeou, gave her company, “Juan”, a pottery bear piggy bank, it was made by her, wanting that the young child will save up money, and hugged “Juan”, and it’d made “Juan”, who had never been hugged by an elderly person so moved that she’d cried.

The head secretary of the Social Service Department, Huang stated, that before the Chinese New Year’s an anonymous donation of twenty million dollars was made, to the “materials bank”, the Social Service Department is working out nine plans, to include, helping the less fortunate children get involved into caring for others, and so, the “Embracing Happiness, Glad Accompaniment” program like letting children in orphanages visit with the elderly who lived alone had accomplished just that.

So, this, is a good outreach program, it’d allowed the children who didn’t have anybody to learn to CARE about someone else, to learn to show them the kindness that they lacked themselves, and, by so doing, it can help them become more well-rounded people when they’re older too.







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