Only Pictures

Because let’s face it, if there are words, then, you’d have to “reroute” the words, into your visual cortex (occipital lobes), then, from there, they’re sent to the Wernicke’s Area for recognition, then, to the frontal lobe for more “processing”, compared to if there are pictures, then, you just take whatever’s on the page, and, it gets into your visual cortexes, and then, outputs.

That, is why, a LOT of things are replaced by pictures, that, is why, those emoticons are so overly used, that, is also why, humans are, getting D-U-M-B-E-R by the generations, and, in a couple MORE generations on down the line (from where I am), we might as well be living inside those C-A-V-E-S that our former ancestors’ remains were found in, with those drawings on the walls, and, those scholars that came after our time will have a HELL of a time, dissecting, the “breed” of “living organisms” that we are.

And because people have less and less time, and, they have to take things in quicker, and, pictures and photographs just “register” more easily into the brain, than do words, and that, is why, I hypothesize (still NOT tested!!!) that in the future, words will slowly get taken over by icons, pictures, and, people would NO longer have the N-E-E-D to read, OR to interpret, and I’m just glad, that, that, hopefully (still keeping MY fingers crossed), won’t happen in MY lifetime, but, who knows???




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