Getting Through the Rebellious Teenage Years

I feel a headache coming on here, translated…

My younger cousin is the third youngest in his household, his parents are both government employees, his eldest brother is studying to be a medical doctor, his sister went to the most prestigious of all girls’ high schools, and he, loved sports, and NOT studies, and so, he’d always made bad grades.

And his parents would often compare him to his older siblings, and nagged him nonstop, after that, he’d started giving up on himself too, and gotten more and more easily agitated too, and his friends and families distanced themselves from him best as they can.

And because of his mental instability, not long after he’d enlisted, they’d told him to go home, and he’d started doing nothing, and would often get into trouble in his neighborhood, became a huge headache for people in the neighborhood.

At the moment that people all thought he was beyond saving, he’d met a pastor, on a basketball court of a church, who’d treated him kindly, and took him to the doctors, and he’d gone willingly too.

The doctor said, that the cause of his anxieties are from the pressures in the family, along with his own health.  Through the assistance of medication, along with religion, my cousin is already out of the darkness, no longer got into trouble anymore, he’d also kept a stable job at the publishing company set up by the church too, even though, he didn’t bring in as much as his own older siblings, but, his relationship with his family had improved a lot, and he’d learned to show care and concern toward others as well.

Actually, everybody experiences ups and downs when s/he is younger, and, maybe, people feel pressured too, and when the younger kids are going through the tough times, if those around them, can show true care and concern, have more patience with the youths, as the pastor had done for my cousins, to accept him for who he is, to understand him, then, maybe, the teenage years would be passed, with less difficulties and more ease.

But that, is all very I-D-E-A-L, and, all I can say, is that the cousin is extremely lucky, to have met the pastor, who became a guiding light, and, kids who felt like this guy here, are more easily given in to peer pressure, and, NOT all of them are as lucky as this one.


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