Entering the Next Stage of Her Life

Changes, growth, translated…

“Eldest cousin, I’d passed the exams for the specialty police force!”, my younger girl cousin’s Facebook showed of this private message.

“Congratulations then, you’d finally gotten what you wanted, your parents must be glad too.”, I’d replied.

Seeing the good news that came by Facebook, it’d reminded me of the process that my cousin had undergone to take the national exams.  After she’d graduated from a private institution, she’d gone up north all alone, to find a job, originally, she’d worked for a privately owned organization, not long thereafter, partly, it was  because of her boyfriend who worked for a government agency, partly, because of her parents’ expectations and suggestions, she’d decided to get into the national examinations, hoping that after she’d gotten the high enough scores, she could successfully marry her boyfriend, and start a family together with him.

During the time when she was preparing for examinations, she’d turned off her Facebook accounts, so she wouldn’t be distracted.  I’d also taken the national exams, so I know the pressures, so many times I’d wanted to ask her out to eat, to give her encouragements, to boost her a bit, but, she’d always needed to go to cram school, or to study, and so, I could only give her the encouragements by phone.

My cousin had so many times told me, that the stresses were too great that when she studied, she’d started to cry uncontrollably, and she’d become an insomniac during the process too, and all I could do, was be a listener to her, console her, and talk about the possibilities of a brighter future after she passes the examinations, to encourage her.

And still, the pressures, the nervousness, and not passing the examinations every time she’d taken them, was NOT the biggest setback, for my cousins, her long-term boyfriend had cheated on her, that, was the biggest blow, it’d almost made her lose the motivations altogether.  But gladly, with the parents’ and her sisters’ encouragements, she’d finally pulled through.

Last year, after she’d gone through several setbacks, she’d finally passed the special examinations for the police department.  My aunt and uncle couldn’t hold back their joys, and my cousin got back on Facebook again, and we’d got to share her travels with her every single day, along with her moments too, and life got colors again.

Seeing my cousin’s Facebook accounts, the photos, and her words, I’m truly glad, that she managed to pass through the difficulties in her life.

At age thirty, my cousin is about to embark on the next stage of her life, I suppose, I’ll see the goings-on of her training in the police academy then!

And so, this young woman had finally pulled through, and, she’d had a TON of setbacks, and, in the end, she still won this battle against herself, and now, she can open her arms, and welcome in, the next NEW stage of her life.

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