Displeased at How His Land Was Taken, a Son Who Works Away Came Home, and Hacked His Older Brother and Sister-in-Law

All of this, for L-A-N-D???  Yup, you’d heard THAT right, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-eight year old man, Chen, fell ill and wanted to move back home to Yunlin, but he learned, that his land had been squatted by someone else, he became unhappy, two days ago, he took a knife home, to confront his sister-in-law and his older brother, he ended up killing them both, and afterwards, he was overcome with remorse, and attempted suicide by drinking rat poisoning, but thankfully, after the three people got rushed to the hospitals, they were all okay, yesterday, the police booked Chen based off of attempted murder charges.

The police pointed out, that two afternoons ago at two, Chen returned to Yunlin from Pingdong, first, he’d gone to the temple where his older brother (age 72) worked, after entering the temple, Chen saw his brother, he immediately used a spear that he’d made, and thrust it into his abdomen, Chen’s brother’s guts bled out, and the bystanders all around rushed to stop him, Chen then returned to his ancestral home, used a watermelon knife on his sister-in-law (age 74) multiple times.

Chen’s brother and sister-in-law were okay after being rushed into the hospital, after Chen took the rat poisoning, he was rushed to the hospital, and screamed, “I don’t want to live!”, yesterday, he’d become calmer, and showed great remorse for attempting to stab his brother and sister-in-law; Chen told, that the knife was used by him regularly, when he went climbing, that a day ago, he had attempted murder, because he got angry, but the police suspected that it was premeditated, “Who packs so many knives in the car regularly?”

“Everybody is adult, and, if there’s displeasure, then, go to court, why must you use violence, and it’s on New Year’s Day too.”, the son of the person stated, they didn’t know what had happened between the adults, just knew, that they were displeased on some land issues, but, it wouldn’t matter who’s right or wrong, they could have gone to the courts, why must they kill their next-of-kin/

Chen who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, along with bipolar disorder stated, that back when he was younger, he’d gone to Pingdong to make a living, had once put up money with his older brother to build a house, and now he’d fallen ill and wanted to move back home, and saw that the land, and the house, was squatted by his older brother, and that there was a garage built on his land, “I’m the one paying the taxes, and yet, the house was registered under my older brother’s name.”, he’d gotten angrier as he’d thought about it, he’d lost control, in the spur of the moment, that, was why he’d hacked his own older brother and his older sister-in-law, then, attempted suicide.  Chen was booked, based off of attempted murder charges.

See what can make people C-R-A-C-K?  A simple disagreement, over land, and that, was enough, to break the bond between the siblings up, and it still just shows how fragile those filial relationships are.


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