A Cab Driver Gets 3½ Years for Sexually Molesting a College-Aged Female Student

And, the punishment still doesn’t QUITE fit the crime, does it???  Of course N-O-T!!!  From the Newspapers Online, translated…

A cabdriver in Taidong, Liu, four years ago, drove a college girl home, was accused of touching her breasts, and her thighs, along with harassing her in spoken language too.  The District Court gave him three and a half years in prison.  He felt that it was too severe, and so, he’d fought for an appeal, the highest subsidiary court in Hualien tossed back his requests.

The cabdriver, Liu, on the evening of March seventh, drove a female college student home, used the excuse of his cell running out of battery, to drive her back to his place, asked her to come and get it with him, they woman didn’t suspect anything, went with him, into his room, and he had sexually molested her.

She fought her, and, her cell phone rang, and she’d told Liu, that it was her family, telling her, that if she wasn’t home by midnight, then, they will call the cops.  Then, he drove her home, but he molested her again, after the woman returned home, she’d told her family what had happened, and they’d helped her call the police.

When Liu was taken into interrogations, he’d denied the accusations; the female student told the D.A. that Liu not only did something obscene, and verbally insulted her, “How ‘bout you become my spare, and I’ll give you free rides from here on out?”, and, “Do you know what an orgasm is?”, along with other sexual insults, and all the way, Liu had held on to her hand, the way couples would hold hands.

The District Court in Taidong gave Liu three years six months, the Hualien District court, took into consideration, that Liu worked in public transportations, and that there may be a chance he might offend again, tossed back his appeal.

And so, you still have a L-O-S-E-R, who lacked TOTAL self-control, and he’d NOT only molested the college student, he’d used sexually-illicit language, and, this loser is still more than likely to offend again, because there’s NO way that a sexual predator CAN be reformed here.

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