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The Father Shopped For His Daughter’s Underwear

I thought it’s the M-O-M-M-I-E-S who usually do this, apparently, daddies can do this too, but, it just might get a bit A-W-K-W-A-R-D!!!  Translated…

I’d gone out shopping with my wife on the weekends, a man in his forties had been following us sneakily, since we were in the underwear shop, and he’d followed us to the bookstands.  In the over ten minutes’ time, he’d followed closely behind us, seemed to want to say something, but, something had stopped him.

I’d elbowed my wife gently, to remind her to watch her own burse, and signaled to her, with my eyes, that this man behind her was bad.

My wife used her peripheral vision to eye the man, told me, that even though, the man was covered in paint, but he didn’t seem like the pick-pocket type.

Waited until we’d turned back to the underwear shop, and took the altered clothes from the shop owner, it’s SHOWTIME!

Seeing this man, walking toward my wife, I’d beaten him to the punch, “What do you want?”, I’d stood in front of my wife, in a forceful manner.  “I’m sorry, I just want your wife to help me out.”

My wife and I looked at each other, wondered what he was thinking of.  Then, his face turned red, as he’d scratched the back of his own head, said, “I wanted to buy my daughter some underwear.”  And he’d made a gesture around his chest.

I’d recalled the scene prior, my wife was sorting through the underwear racks, soaking up in the joys of shopping, without recalling that I was right behind her.  I was somewhat embarrassed, turned around, and saw him, smiling next to his motorcycle.

“Where is your wife?  She should be the one, picking out your daughter’s underwear with her.”, my wife told him.

“My daughter just got into middle school, and her mother died in childbirth, I don’t have any other relatives I can go to for advice………”, he’d fallen silent for a short while, continued, “If you are unwilling, ma’am, I won’t force you to help

“Come, come with me………”, my wife asked the man about his daughter’s height, her build, her preferences in color.  And I was moved, by this scene, I’d watched the man, carried the bag of gifts out, with a heart of satisfaction, as he’d hopped onto his motorcycle, I’d bore witness, to the soft heart of a true man.

So, being a single dad isn’t at all easy, especially when you have a daughter, and, that, was what this man was faced with, and yet, the narrator’s wife had shown him the kindness that he needed, and, they don’t even KNOW one another too!!!

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Say Nice Things and Your Popularity Increases


My neighbor, Mrs. Lee would wear a smile on her face on a daily basis, and she is very conversational with everybody she meets up, there’s NOT a moment of quiet, and she made others feel comfortable too, and, it’s all because of how sweet her lips are, “This shirt looks especially beautiful on you; you look well, face glowing, you look so energetic, so pretty; your son is tall and handsome, your daughter very well-behaved too.”, etc., etc., etc., it’s NO wonder that the neighbors loved being around her.

Saying praises to others not only allow you to accumulate your popularity with others, it would also bring about unexpected surprises from time to time too.

One day, I’d passed by a seafood shop, and met Mrs. Lee, who was ordering food, and she’d commended the owner, “The small octopus you guys made is fresh and delicious.”  “You guys are extraordinary, the Kimchi you guys made is way better compared to the brand’s, it’s my favorite!”  Seeing how the owner of the shop is grinning ear to ear, and naturally, he’d put a few more octopuses in willingly, and he’d also given her an extra serving of Kimchi too.

Hearing these praises, those of us around her feel our moods lifted too, let along the ones being praised by her directly!

And so, this woman established herself, using praises toward others, and, because of how much she’d given others the affirmations of doing a good job, people naturally reciprocated her kindness, right back to her too.

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The Great Taste of a Traditional Chinese New Year Dish

Let’s see WHAT, is cooking in the kitchens here, shall we???  Translated…

Every year, it seemed, that after the village had a peace prayer and offerings, days seemed to fly right by.

And now, my kids are all away at school, and so, every year now, the cleaning, I’d had to handle all alone.  Sometimes, as the end of the year approached, the weather isn’t at all good, and it’d made cleaning especially hard, and so, I’d prayed that the skies would get sunny around the end of the year, so I can clean everything up, start the year brand new.

Every time, it took over twenty days’ time, washing the windows and the screen doors, the fans, the air conditioning systems, along with repainting the walls in and outside of the house, and, we must throw things out.  And, oftentimes, before we’re near done, it is New Year’s Eve already, and, we’d all stopped what we were doing.

Since we were growing up, our grandfather had not been around, and our grandmother is aged too, my father had five other siblings, but they all had their separate families, and even though, they’d helped each other out, they rarely intervened into one another’s life.  Every time before the New Year’s, my mother would bring rice to a family in the village, for them to help grind it up, took it home, and drain out the water.  During this time, she’d stayed in the kitchens, busying herself about, and my mother would make sweet buns, radish cakes, along with a few bowls of specialty New Year’s items.

In the olden times, we’d cooked with a brick oven, and needed straws to start the fire, then, we’d put some wood in.  As children, we’d often run in and out of the kitchens, to see what is going on, and even though, the smokes would get in our eyes and noses, we’d had that whiff of the sweet cakes, and felt the busyness of the adults, along with the excitement that children feels around the New Years.

Before and after the New Years, the ten of us would eat the cakes for lunch and dinner, and would share it with our guests too, and the two huge baskets of cakes would be gone, in no time at all, and, our hearts, filled with bliss and happiness.

After my mother got older, she’d no longer made those cakes, and now, my eldest sister would give us half of the radish cakes she’d made.  And, in the time of eating what my sister made, I couldn’t help, but miss what my mother used to make around this time of year.

So, this, is how you remembered your childhood, by the holidays, and, in this day and age, traditions are fazing out, as NOBODY has the time, to make anything from scratch anymore…

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A Korean Pastor Took in Adolescent Girls, Using the Name of Wanting to Help Them, But He’d Raped Them Instead

Yes, the “number” of “these” just keeps on increasing, are you FREAKIN’ kidding me here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Korean pastor, Tsuei, and his wife, was suspected of “using God’s name”, to raise funds to build orphanages, but instead, the money went into their own pockets, Tsuei had even sexually molested, and raped the girls at the shelter he’d set up, along with beaten up the young men who came to him for help too, like the case of “Ru-Yuen Ming Gong”, the police two days ago, made their arrests, took Tsuei in, and Tsuei’s wife was out on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police found out, that Tsuei (age 54) had been in Taiwan for fifteen years, had set up churches in Taipei, five years ago, he’d set up a care foundation in Pingdong, and took in single-parent, along with children who grew up in poverty stricken homes.

Last year in November, the Eighth Division of the Detective Squad had gotten the report of how Tsuei was suspected of raping, molesting the adolescent girls he’d taken in, and the members of his congregation would refer to each other as “followers of saints”, called Tsuei, “dad”, and his wife, “mom”, and Tsuei had used the name of “Fatherly Love”, took in young girls, and sexually raped them.

The victims, when taken into interrogation, mentioned how “dad” made them feel “sick”, “disgusting”.  The adolescent girl said, that one time, she had a nightmare, and went to the pastor, he’d told her that “Satan had plans to seduce you into doing bad sexual things”, and had sex with her.  One time, the young woman had an infection that hurt, in her pubic area, he’d told her, “That, was your sins from before, God is punishing you.”  The pastor had hugged, French kissed, bathed the young woman, and told her, that “it was how Koreans showed their fatherly love to their daughters.”

Pastor Tsuei was also accused of inappropriately disciplining the youth in his shelter, if they didn’t place their shoes at the right place, then, he’d used the shoes, and throw them at the children, had the youths not folded their clothes properly, he would kick their legs and feet; and had once used steel chairs, and wooden bats, to beat the youths up too.

The police pointed out, that the youths never blamed the pastor, because they were taught, that “when they’d misbehaved, they should get beaten up.”;the younger followers were also beaten up by older followers as well; the girls who had stepped out and accused the man, were called liars by his other believers.  But there were also followers who’d told, that Tsuei had wired eighty-percent of the money he received from the followers into the church’s account, and the remaining twenty, into his own.

The Tsueis two days ago, were taken in by the police for questioning, Tsuei denied the rape charges, only admitted to improper disciplines, claimed, “Before I disciplined them, I’d asked for their permissions.”  Tsuei’s wife said, that twenty percent of the donations they got from their followers after a year, will be returned back to the church, “This, is how we paid our respects to the Lord.”

The clinical psychologist in Jia-Le Hospital in Pingdong, Hu, pointed out, that Tsuei had misused the powers of the church, used the adolescent boys and girls’ desires of belonging, to satisfy his own private desires.  There are pastors who raped the members of the congregations, and the members of the congregation didn’t tell until they’re old enough too, when they’d become braver.

And so, this, is still a PREACHER of G-O-D (hello, read it backwards, what, does IT “spell”???), that used the “Lord’s” name, to do bad things, because he is still, preying on human nature, and this, I believe, still won’t BE the last of it!!!






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After Tasting the Forbidden Fruit, the Teen Girl Had Cramps, and Thought She Was Pregnant

They’re STILL getting Y-O-U-N-G-E-R by the GENERATION here, and I wonder W-H-Y???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen-year-old high school aged girl met a twenty-five year old man, Kao, using a program on her cell phone, after they’d met just three times, they’d had sex; the young woman didn’t tell anybody about her tasting the forbidden fruit, until she had cramps, and she’d started fearing that she might be pregnant, she’d asked her teacher about it, that, was when the whole thing blew, wide open.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s office believed that the sex was consensual, that Kao didn’t know, that the girl was NOT yet sixteen, and was accused of obstruction of sexual freedoms, and the D.A. didn’t indict him.

Kao last year, as he’d waited for his armed service terms, met the fifteen year old high school student through a cell phone program “Shake It”; they’d chatted for days on end, the next month after they first met, they’d met up, exchanged contact information, and gifts too.

The young woman mentioned on his letters, “I’m still in high school, you’re nine years older than I am”; later, the two of them started off online, the girl asked another friend to join in her conversation with him, and he’d just assumed that she’s sixteen too; the first time they’d met up back in August, for the third time, he’d tested whether or not she’d wanted to go to a motel with him, the girl had agreed, and they had sex.

Later, after Kao went into the army, the girl’s school started, they’d stopped contact.  Last year, at the beginning of October, the girl had abdominal cramps, she’d recalled that Kao didn’t use a condom when they had sex, feared that she might be pregnant, told her counselor about it, the counselor sensed that something wasn’t right, and reported it to the police.

The girl, after confirming, that it was only a stomach ache, she didn’t want to pursue it any further, but her mother insisted on suing; Kao admitted to having sex, but he thought that she was sixteen already, and the girl said, that she’d counted her own false age, that she didn’t tell him, that she was only fifteen, the D.A. believed, that there’s insufficient evidence for the obstruction of sexual freedoms, and so, they’d dropped the charges against the man.

And so, had this young woman NOT get those cramps, then, she wouldn’t have been alarmed enough, would she???  Of course N-O-T, and this, is still, a C-I-R-C-U-S scene if you ask me, but hey, WHO asked Y-O-U???

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Her Body, Found, Dumped, in the Sewage System, The Woman Was Killed by Her Boyfriend’s Abuse, the Mother Kept Her Mouth Shut for Months, Then, Called the Police

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A two-year-old young girl’s body was found, inside a ditch, and the case finally cracked yesterday, the suspect was the young girl’s mother’s boyfriend whom she lived in with, because the child wetted her bed, he’d even poured icy cold water all over her body, causing the child to go into shock, and, after the child ides, he was suspected, of dumping HER body.

Last year on December 24, the child was abused to death, the young girl’s mother, Wang, two nights ago, went to the police, with her husband, the officers arrested the suspect, Lee, who was found, playing in a net café, he’d admitted to killing the child, because she wouldn’t stop crying, and after he’d murdered the young child, his guilty conscience won’t allow him to rest easy; after the police took his statements, he’d started sleeping, in peace.  After the D.A. interrogated him, he was taken into police custody.

The child’s father saw Lee, and was so angry, wanted to chase after him, and called him an “animal”.  Wu’s father said, in a muffled voice, after his daughter was taken, he’d dreamed about her, telling him, “she was beaten up, alongside her mother.”  Wang, the mother said, that she’d dreamed that her daughter was in a red dress, asked her to hold her, that in this recent month, Lee had control over her life, two days ago, when Lee was away, she’d made her escape.  The D.A. will now, clarify if Wang was involved in the abuse of her own daughter, or involved in disposing of her body.

The police found, that last month on the 24th, at around three in the morn, Lee (age 33) had returned to his rental place, saw that the young girl had wetted her bed, which caused him to not be able to sleep again, and he was angered that he’d waken her up, and took her into the bathroom, locked the door from within, and tied up the child’s wrists, beaten her on the chest and abdomen.

The child’s mother screamed, after hearing the sounds, banged on the doors, “STOP hitting her!”, Lee ignored, said to the crying child, “You want to die?  I’ll send you on your way!”  He didn’t care how cold the weather was, turned on the faucet, and showered her with icy cold water, until she felt down onto the bathroom floor.  About half an hour later, he’d told Wang, “Go and see your daughter one last time.”

Wang quickly put clothes onto her daughter, and begged Lee to allow her to get her child to the hospitals, but Lee ignored her requests, and, five minutes later, when he’d seen the child again, she’d already stopped breathing.  At four in the morn, the child had been stuffed inside a plastic bag that holds the quilts, and he’d rode out on his own, then, dumped her body inside a ditch, close to the bridge, and the child’s corpse was discovered by the aqueduct.

The police found, that that, was not the first time that the suspect, Lee, had abused the young child, many times, he’d felt she’d gotten too noisy, and had died her wrists up with shoe laces, and had even tied her to a wooden pole too.  The neighbors said, that day, they were awakened by the child’s cries, that they had originally wanted to knock on the doors, but, very shortly after the cries began, it’d stopped, and when they saw the police arrived, they’d learned what’d happened to her, “She’s so cute, how could he have the heart to beat her to death?”

And so, once more, there’s still that H-I-S-T-O-R-Y of VIOLENCE, and, because the child won’t STOP crying (hello, hello, hello???), or because the child wetted her bed (and it’s because of something that’s making her feel INSECURE, you DUMBASSES!!!), and this man got angered, and then, he’d taken it out on her, and the mother had kept HER mouth shut for over a M-O-N-T-H too, are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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The True Heart of an Intern Teacher

Someone who’s finally touched by someone’s kindness here, translated…

After I’d graduated from elementary school, I’d worked as a janitor in my school.

In the mornings, I’d wake up early, hauled my mother’s groceries to the Central Makrets, then, I’d rushed to work, cleaned up the offices of the instructors, washed the tea cups, wiped down the desks and the chairs, ring the bells for class; and at night, I’d headed over to night school for occupational training, I’d worked hard, day AND night, I couldn’t see where tomorrow will and, didn’t have time to make friends, or to connect with others.

In the early years, those who graduated from teacher’s college, a year before graduation, would head to elementary school to intern, when I’d turned sixteen, I’d finally become a full-time janitor, and I’d gotten sustenances, and they put me in charge of books, equipments, and so, I’d gotten closer contact with intern teachers.

The intern instructor, Mei-Xiang Chung, is Hakka, she’d learned that my father and her were from the same hometowns, saw how I’d had to part-time through school, and worked hard, to help my five younger siblings too, she felt especially sympathetic toward me, would help me with my homework assignments, and had made gifts for me too.  And, I was already crushed by the demands of life, couldn’t find the energy to see her true heart, believed, that she was lucky and blessed, became a formal instructor very shortly.  As for me, who’s less than blessed, I’d blamed the heavens for not looking down on me, I’d taken her care and concerns for granted.

But, as fate would have I, she’d graduated with high honors, and was assigned to this biggest elementary school in Pingdong to teach.  Because of my own lowered sense of self-esteem, believed that janitors should NOT associate with teachers, I’d treated her, with an extreme aloofness; but she’d still tried to show care and concerns toward me all she could, accompanied me, and asked her students, to help me out.

I believe, that I’m NOT going to be a janitor for life, I’d disregarded my mother’s threats to kill herself if I’d quitted, quitted my job, and head up to Taipei to work.  Before I’d left, I’d said farewell to Ms. Chung, she’d put down her contact information, told me to call her, for anything I wanted.

Even though I’d never called her up, but her heartfelt smiles, the way she’d treated me, as if I was her own sister, had become my pillar of strength through the years, I truly am thankful to her!

And so, that, is how friends connect, and the intern did everything she could, to show this woman, that she’s NOT above her, and that she doesn’t look down on her, and that, finally moved the woman too.

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