Say Nice Things and Your Popularity Increases


My neighbor, Mrs. Lee would wear a smile on her face on a daily basis, and she is very conversational with everybody she meets up, there’s NOT a moment of quiet, and she made others feel comfortable too, and, it’s all because of how sweet her lips are, “This shirt looks especially beautiful on you; you look well, face glowing, you look so energetic, so pretty; your son is tall and handsome, your daughter very well-behaved too.”, etc., etc., etc., it’s NO wonder that the neighbors loved being around her.

Saying praises to others not only allow you to accumulate your popularity with others, it would also bring about unexpected surprises from time to time too.

One day, I’d passed by a seafood shop, and met Mrs. Lee, who was ordering food, and she’d commended the owner, “The small octopus you guys made is fresh and delicious.”  “You guys are extraordinary, the Kimchi you guys made is way better compared to the brand’s, it’s my favorite!”  Seeing how the owner of the shop is grinning ear to ear, and naturally, he’d put a few more octopuses in willingly, and he’d also given her an extra serving of Kimchi too.

Hearing these praises, those of us around her feel our moods lifted too, let along the ones being praised by her directly!

And so, this woman established herself, using praises toward others, and, because of how much she’d given others the affirmations of doing a good job, people naturally reciprocated her kindness, right back to her too.

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