After Tasting the Forbidden Fruit, the Teen Girl Had Cramps, and Thought She Was Pregnant

They’re STILL getting Y-O-U-N-G-E-R by the GENERATION here, and I wonder W-H-Y???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen-year-old high school aged girl met a twenty-five year old man, Kao, using a program on her cell phone, after they’d met just three times, they’d had sex; the young woman didn’t tell anybody about her tasting the forbidden fruit, until she had cramps, and she’d started fearing that she might be pregnant, she’d asked her teacher about it, that, was when the whole thing blew, wide open.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s office believed that the sex was consensual, that Kao didn’t know, that the girl was NOT yet sixteen, and was accused of obstruction of sexual freedoms, and the D.A. didn’t indict him.

Kao last year, as he’d waited for his armed service terms, met the fifteen year old high school student through a cell phone program “Shake It”; they’d chatted for days on end, the next month after they first met, they’d met up, exchanged contact information, and gifts too.

The young woman mentioned on his letters, “I’m still in high school, you’re nine years older than I am”; later, the two of them started off online, the girl asked another friend to join in her conversation with him, and he’d just assumed that she’s sixteen too; the first time they’d met up back in August, for the third time, he’d tested whether or not she’d wanted to go to a motel with him, the girl had agreed, and they had sex.

Later, after Kao went into the army, the girl’s school started, they’d stopped contact.  Last year, at the beginning of October, the girl had abdominal cramps, she’d recalled that Kao didn’t use a condom when they had sex, feared that she might be pregnant, told her counselor about it, the counselor sensed that something wasn’t right, and reported it to the police.

The girl, after confirming, that it was only a stomach ache, she didn’t want to pursue it any further, but her mother insisted on suing; Kao admitted to having sex, but he thought that she was sixteen already, and the girl said, that she’d counted her own false age, that she didn’t tell him, that she was only fifteen, the D.A. believed, that there’s insufficient evidence for the obstruction of sexual freedoms, and so, they’d dropped the charges against the man.

And so, had this young woman NOT get those cramps, then, she wouldn’t have been alarmed enough, would she???  Of course N-O-T, and this, is still, a C-I-R-C-U-S scene if you ask me, but hey, WHO asked Y-O-U???


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