A Korean Pastor Took in Adolescent Girls, Using the Name of Wanting to Help Them, But He’d Raped Them Instead

Yes, the “number” of “these” just keeps on increasing, are you FREAKIN’ kidding me here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Korean pastor, Tsuei, and his wife, was suspected of “using God’s name”, to raise funds to build orphanages, but instead, the money went into their own pockets, Tsuei had even sexually molested, and raped the girls at the shelter he’d set up, along with beaten up the young men who came to him for help too, like the case of “Ru-Yuen Ming Gong”, the police two days ago, made their arrests, took Tsuei in, and Tsuei’s wife was out on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police found out, that Tsuei (age 54) had been in Taiwan for fifteen years, had set up churches in Taipei, five years ago, he’d set up a care foundation in Pingdong, and took in single-parent, along with children who grew up in poverty stricken homes.

Last year in November, the Eighth Division of the Detective Squad had gotten the report of how Tsuei was suspected of raping, molesting the adolescent girls he’d taken in, and the members of his congregation would refer to each other as “followers of saints”, called Tsuei, “dad”, and his wife, “mom”, and Tsuei had used the name of “Fatherly Love”, took in young girls, and sexually raped them.

The victims, when taken into interrogation, mentioned how “dad” made them feel “sick”, “disgusting”.  The adolescent girl said, that one time, she had a nightmare, and went to the pastor, he’d told her that “Satan had plans to seduce you into doing bad sexual things”, and had sex with her.  One time, the young woman had an infection that hurt, in her pubic area, he’d told her, “That, was your sins from before, God is punishing you.”  The pastor had hugged, French kissed, bathed the young woman, and told her, that “it was how Koreans showed their fatherly love to their daughters.”

Pastor Tsuei was also accused of inappropriately disciplining the youth in his shelter, if they didn’t place their shoes at the right place, then, he’d used the shoes, and throw them at the children, had the youths not folded their clothes properly, he would kick their legs and feet; and had once used steel chairs, and wooden bats, to beat the youths up too.

The police pointed out, that the youths never blamed the pastor, because they were taught, that “when they’d misbehaved, they should get beaten up.”;the younger followers were also beaten up by older followers as well; the girls who had stepped out and accused the man, were called liars by his other believers.  But there were also followers who’d told, that Tsuei had wired eighty-percent of the money he received from the followers into the church’s account, and the remaining twenty, into his own.

The Tsueis two days ago, were taken in by the police for questioning, Tsuei denied the rape charges, only admitted to improper disciplines, claimed, “Before I disciplined them, I’d asked for their permissions.”  Tsuei’s wife said, that twenty percent of the donations they got from their followers after a year, will be returned back to the church, “This, is how we paid our respects to the Lord.”

The clinical psychologist in Jia-Le Hospital in Pingdong, Hu, pointed out, that Tsuei had misused the powers of the church, used the adolescent boys and girls’ desires of belonging, to satisfy his own private desires.  There are pastors who raped the members of the congregations, and the members of the congregation didn’t tell until they’re old enough too, when they’d become braver.

And so, this, is still a PREACHER of G-O-D (hello, read it backwards, what, does IT “spell”???), that used the “Lord’s” name, to do bad things, because he is still, preying on human nature, and this, I believe, still won’t BE the last of it!!!






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