Leaving Behind What I Loved Doing the Most, and Joining a Team of Volunteers

Leaving the familiarities of your own lives, to give yourselves, to a cause, that’s real noble here!!!  Translated…

After I retired, my mind is free and relaxed, the first thing I did, was I went on a journey to Tibet, then, slowly, worked my way through the dreams I had, in the three years’ time, I’d been to so many places.

During which time, I’d gone to Yilan to visit, and, I’d accidentally discovered the simple living environment in “Jiao-Shih”, plus the tunnel is now operating, it made the trip back home easier, and so, I’d decided to buy a house to live in; what’s more exciting, was that I met up with a lot of my old colleagues from work, along with some of my old friends, we’d looked out for each other, visited one another often, lived a life of leisure.

My old classmate, Tsai, who’d lived in the U.S. for over forty years, he’d managed to find me in Yilan.  Tsai came back here, to initiate the youth basketball program here, this, is a long-term project, starting in the third or the fourth grades of the elementary years, trainings would start.  He was looking for volunteers to help out, I was moved, at how he’d come back from the States, to give something back to the community, and pulled his own wife along too, other than being moved by him, I’d answered his calls to become a volunteer, and joined his cause.

We’d first asked our friend in Yilan, Chiao, to help us find elementary schools that are willing, he quickly found the most populated school in Yilan, Dawn Elementary School, the principal, Liu, was especially sports-oriented, and the school had won numerous championships titles in the elementary school categories.  The school immediately took to our dreams, the students all came to sign up, and we’d made ourselves into a team, and it’s been years since this program started.

Seeing how the children worked hard in learning, improved in all areas of their lives, I was deeply touched, at how much I’d gained, so what IF I had to give up on my most favorite activity, traveling!

A group of us, dubbed as “fools” by others, had put up the money, for our common dreams, and set up the Pony Youth Basketball League, we do NOT expect that all the players will become professionals, just wanted them to enjoy learning, or, maybe, a small portion of the students would become leaders in the school, or even, in the community or the society too, then, this training camp had served its purpose.  Of course, we hope to have the next “Jeremy Lin” who was born, and bred in Taiwan too!

And so, for a common dream, these retired people got together, and put their dreams into action, and, they saw it through, and, in the process of making their own dreams come true, they managed, to do something for the society…


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